How often do you service and clean your HVAC system? Once a year? Whenever you remember to do it? Never? To maximize system performance and longevity, HVAC cleaning and maintenance should always be performed on an annual basis. Unfortunately though, many homeowners rarely think twice about their furnaces or A/C units until a glaring issue necessitates professional attention.

At Dust Doctors, it’s our goal to help you avoid those unexpected HVAC issues, and our Comfort Keeper annual plan is the perfect way to put maintenance on autopilot. What do you stand to gain by becoming a member? Let’s take a look.                        

What Is the Comfort Keepers Annual Plan?

We know it’s easy to let routine HVAC maintenance slip your mind. After all, how often do you pay attention to your furnace and A/C unit? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is: hardly ever.

That’s why we designed our annual HVAC maintenance plan, Comfort Keeper — to keep you on track with routine furnace and A/C cleaning, even when they’re not top of mind. So what does a Comfort Keeper membership entail? Here’s what the service includes:

●        Furnace Maintenance. When your system is due for maintenance, we’ll perform a comprehensive inspection of each system component. We’ll then test carbon monoxide levels, temperature regulation, airflow, and overall system performance. As part of your routine maintenance service, we’ll also perform a thorough furnace cleaning to reduce buildup-related component strain and maximize system efficiency.

●        A/C Maintenance. When your A/C unit is due for a tuneup, we’ll first perform a thorough system inspection to assess overall efficiency and performance. We’ll then clean your outdoor condenser unit to eliminate debris accumulation within the system, as well as clean your A/C coil and filters. As a final step, we’ll lubricate all moving components of the system to reduce overall strain and ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

As a member of our annual maintenance plan, you’ll also enjoy scheduled reminder calls when your system is due for maintenance, priority service scheduling, and special discounts on all heating and A/C unit repairs.

Comfort Keepers Cost Savings

What kind of cost savings can you expect by becoming a Comfort Keeper member? At a mere $13 per month (that’s $149 a year), you receive both annual A/C and furnace maintenance. Separately, A/C condenser cleaning, coil cleaning, furnace cleaning, and routine system tune-ups will generally cost you upwards of $500 — a considerable price difference, no?

What’s more, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your HVAC system is properly maintained by experienced professionals at the appropriate intervals. With annual HVAC maintenance on a professionally designed schedule, you’ll also lessen the likelihood of incurring unexpected expenses related to:

●        Inefficient HVAC performance and high utility bills

●        Premature component wear and parts replacement

●        Unexpected system breakdowns and repair costs

If you’re ready to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket while maximizing the performance and longevity of your HVAC system, Comfort Keepers is for you. Ready to learn more about the benefits of membership? Check out the full breakdown here.

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