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Not all air duct cleaning systems are created equal.

a yellow air duct cleaning hose running through the house.

This is not a simple feather wand approach to dusting. At Dust Doctors, our business is cleaning your home’s hidden underbelly - the ductwork that you rarely see or think about. And we clean it extremely well.

How do we do it? First, we use a custom package that includes high-powered blowers, industrial vacuum units, and pneumatic brushes that we feed throughout your home’s supply, intake, and return ducts.

Before we start cleaning, however, we make sure that we take care of your home. To start with, we ensure that all of our equipment is clean and in perfect working order. When we enter your home, we’ll take off our shoes and install corner guards anywhere we might be pulling hoses. These guards help to protect sharp edges in your home from any scraping that pulling a hose might cause. Little details like this make a big difference in the end.

Then we’ll start removing and hand cleaning all of the vent registers in the home. Vent registers are the grilles or grates that cover duct openings. You’ll notice a difference right away.

After that, we create negative air pressure with our proprietary truck-mounted system. The process starts from the far end of your duct system, and we work our way throughout the maze of ducts until our power tools have cleaned the entire network from end to end. We collect all of the debris on a part of our truck-mounted unit, and you’d be surprised by how much dust and debris even a clean-looking house accumulates.

Additionally, we make sure that other components of your HVAC system are clean, too, such as registers, fans, motors, coils, and housings.

This process typically takes a couple of hours, and involves at least two technicians. Once we’re done, you can enjoy clean, odor-free air in your home. Allergies be gone!

At Dust Doctors, we take great pride in our work, striving to ensure that every aspect of the job is professionally finished. If you have any questions about the process, either give us a call, or ask one of our technicians when they’re at your home. We are confident in our knowledge and approach, and we’d love to share it with you.

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