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Inside our homes and businesses is where most people spend their time, so there’s no time to waste dealing with poor indoor air quality. Viruses, bacteria, dust, and other particulate matter not only get blown around in your HVAC system but also settle into your carpets, bedding, furniture, and window treatments. 

Dust Doctors specializes in air duct cleaning and vent cleaning for Minnesotans, offering expertise and innovative solutions to improve the quality of the air inside your home or business. We’re also always keeping a pulse on the latest technology to further enhance indoor air quality for our fellow Minnesotans. 

Improving Minnesota’s Indoor Air Quality

With Dust Doctors on your side, your HVAC system has the potential to transform the air in your home or commercial space to help you stay healthy and comfortable all year round. 

Learn more about what it means to improve your indoor air quality.

Air Purification Options 

Choose Dust Doctors in Little Canada for a host of solutions for your HVAC system! Our technicians are happy to recommend and install products to clean and purify the air of your entire house or commercial space.

Here are the air purification products we currently offer – contact us with any questions!

Bi-Polar Ionic Air Treatment 

The Respicaire NPI QUAD-PRO™ Ion Plasma Air Treatment System releases active ions to enhance your indoor air. Installed inside your HVAC system, this device and its ions work around the clock to treat your indoor air and control the buildup of contaminants on evaporative coils.

Its unique “Venturi Emission” system treats the air by optimizing the output of positive and negative ions, which makes airborne particles, microbes, and other pollutants cluster together. This clustering effect makes contaminants larger and heavier, which makes them fall out of the air stream. 

Active Ionic Photo-Catalytic Air Purifier 

Also from Respicaire, the OXY 4™ is an Active Ionic Photo-Catalytic Air Purifier designed for commercial environments. Built with NASA-developed technology, it offers effective air purification for high occupancy areas, working to not only improve indoor air quality but also reduce strong odors, airborne chemicals, and common VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

These versatile air purifiers utilize ultraviolet (UV) light and photocatalytic reactions to create ionically charged airborne cleansers. The highly effective oxidative air cleansers freely circulate throughout indoor spaces to help reduce and eliminate airborne and surface mold, viruses, and bacteria.

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