Deep Air Duct Cleaning

The Most Complete Duct Cleaning In Twin Cities

Our Deep Clean Process involves more than just one tool and that is what makes the difference.

  • The Deep Cleaning process is where we hook a high suction, a truck-mounted vacuum into the main trunk lines of the duct system, creating negative air pressure and ensuring no dust will blow into the home.
  • We cover each return air register that is located low on the wall in your home.
  • We use either a fast-spinning brush or micro whip in your supply ducts and a whip that looks like an octopus in your return ducts. This is scrubbing the sides of the vents and moving any heavier material toward the main ducts in your basement.
  • Then we use a final high-pressure air wash down the lines.
  • We use either a forward or reverse whip to scrub the main trunk lines pulling the dust and debris back to the vacuum, and removing it from your home.
  • We uncover and replace any registers that we removed from the supply or return air ducts.
  • We provide you with a basic furnace cleaning, ensuring no dust will remain in the furnace cabinet. (Cleaning of the blower wheel is recommended and available.)
  • BONUS!! We also clean your dryer vents if they are located at ground level.

What Our Equipment Looks Like

Deep Air Duct Cleaning

This is a great way to clean your ducts after a construction project, first moving into a home or you have not had your ducts cleaned before or during a furnace replacement. The leading HVAC Companies, restoration companies and remodelers in the Twin Cities hire us to do this for them. This process includes whips, spinning brushes along with our highest suction vacuum. Nobody cleans your ducts more thorough than our deep clean services by Dust Doctors. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Here are some of the reasons you may be a good candidate for a deep clean from Dust Doctors:

  • It has been longer than 5 years since your last duct cleaning.
  • You just moved into a new home.
  • You completed a remodeling project or you bought a new construction home.
  • There were or are smokers or pets in the home.
  • You want a return to almost new duct system.
  • There are allergy sufferers in your home.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our cleaning process. There isn't anybody in the Twin Cities or Suburbs using our process or level of equipment.

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