What Indoor Quality Systems Do

Benefits of Good Indoor Air Quality

and air duct cleaning tech removing equipment from the back of a white van.

Improved Indoor air Quality

The quality of the air you and your family breathes is an important component in your family’s health. Because Minnesota’s climate necessitates that we keep our windows closed for much of the year, we chiefly breathe air that has cycled through our HVAC system. If any components of that system are dirty, that can translate into air that is full of dust, pollen,allergens, odors, pet dander, and more. In fact, the average six-room home produces up to 40 pounds of dust annually - and that’s just through everyday living. If you’ve had construction work recently, extra dust and debris can enter the system, further contaminating the air.

Getting your air ducts cleaned regularly will help to keep the air you breathe clean and pure.

Energy Savings

Aside from the health benefits, regular air duct cleaning helps make your HVAC system more efficient. Air filters help, but they don’t capture everything. Eventually there is a buildup of dust in your heating and cooling system, and this grime makes your system work harder. When it’s clean, your system doesn’t have to work as hard, and that means lower energy bills.

Longer Lasting Equipment

Most equipment failures are due to dust and dirt. When the fan, for example, accumulates dust and debris, it doesn’t work as effectively to keep your heat exchanger cool. This can cause the fan to burn out, or even for the heat exchanger to crack. Regular cleanings will keep your system running as it should.

Less Dusting

Yes, another benefit of having your air ducts cleaned is that you’ll have to dust less. Because we remove all of the accumulated dust from, the main pathways air travels through will be clean, resulting in cleaner air throughout your home. There simply won’t be any dust to be blown about.