Maintenance Duct Cleaning

Maintenance Duct Cleaning - Minneapolis

Air Duct Maintenance Cleaning For Homes That Have Had Their Ducts Cleaned Within The Last 2-5 Years

Periodic duct maintenance is recommended between thorough cleanings, or at a point when a light buildup of dust becomes evident.

  • The maintenance cleaning process involves the connection of a high powered truck mounted vacuum into the main trunk lines of the duct system, creating negative air pressure and ensuring no dust will blow into the home.
  • We cover or seal each supply and return air register in your home.
  • Then one register at at time, we use high compressed forced air to push and flush the dust and debris down to the main trunk lines
  • We use either a forward or reverse air whip, which is best described as a brush that is designed to scrub square duct work, to scrub the main trunk lines pulling the dust and debris back to the vacuum, removing it from your home.
  • We uncover and replace any registers that we removed from the supply or return air ducts.
  • We provide you with a basic furnace cleaning, ensuring no dust will remain in the furnace cabinet. (Cleaning of the blower wheel is recommended and available.)

We guarantee your satisfaction with our cleaning process. This method is great if you have your ducts cleaned on a regular basis or every 2 to 5 years. If it has been longer since your last had your air ducts cleaned, we suggest the Deep Clean process.

The pricing for our Maintenance Duct Cleaning or Air Whip Cleaning depends on the square footage of your home. Call us to learn more or receive a free estimate over the phone.

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