Have you ever had your home’s ductwork professionally cleaned? If the answer is no, why not? Though duct cleaning may not be top of mind, it’s an essential measure in maintaining the quality of your home’s indoor air. And, because many homeowners hardly think twice about their ductwork, it happens to be one of the dirtiest places within the home.

At Dust Doctors, we know how critical clean indoor air is for you and your loved ones’ health. We also know that to maintain the quality of that air, biannual duct cleaning is essential. For those of you who’ve never had your ductwork professionally cleaned, today, we’re breaking down the process so you know what to expect.

Professional Duct Cleaning Options

Duct cleaning is never a one-size-fits-all approach because no two homes are exactly alike. Depending on the current state of your air ducts and the conditions within your home, your ductwork may require specialized cleaning techniques, which your technician will discuss with you in detail.

At Dust Doctors, we specialize in a variety of cleaning methods that we’ve personally developed and refined throughout our decades in business. When you partner with our team, duct cleaning options we may recommend include:

●        Duct Deep Cleaning. If you’ve never had professional air duct cleaning, just completed a construction project, or recently moved into a new home, duct deep cleaning is typically the best course of action.

During the deep cleaning process, we use specialized air whip tools to dislodge dust and other particulate matter from the interior walls of your air ducts. Using our powerful truck-mounted vacuum, we create negative air pressure within the duct system, which pulls all debris into the main trunk lines.

We then flush all debris into the main vacuum line using a final high-pressure air wash technique. After replacing all vent covers throughout your home, we perform a basic furnace cleaning, along with a comprehensive dryer vent cleaning.

●        Maintenance Duct Cleaning. If your ductwork contains minor dust and debris buildup, maintenance cleaning is generally the appropriate choice. As with our deeper cleaning options, maintenance duct cleaning uses a truck-mounted, outdoor vacuum that creates negative air pressure within the duct system.

We then employ our proprietary cleaning tools while forcing compressed air through the main trunk lines of the system. This process flushes dust and debris into the main vacuum line and out of your home. As part of this service, we also provide basic furnace cleaning to ensure no dust remains in the furnace cabinet.

What to Expect During the Duct Cleaning Process

To create the negative air pressure necessary to clean your ducts, each vent must be properly sealed. To ensure easy access, clear the area immediately surrounding each of your vents before your technicians arrive. Because the duct cleaning process also requires that you turn off your heating and cooling systems, it may benefit you to set up fans or portable heaters depending on outdoor conditions.

After your technicians attach the truck-mounted vacuum lines to your vent system, they’ll seal off each return to ensure no particulate matter enters your home during the cleaning process. Next, they’ll operate air whip equipment in conjunction with the high-powered vacuum to dislodge debris within the ducts and funnel it out of your home.

The amount of time necessary for professional duct cleaning ultimately depends on the current state of your ductwork and the size of your home. Though, for most homes, the process is relatively quick and should not disrupt your normal routine. Keep in mind, however, that high-powered cleaning equipment inevitably produces a moderate amount of noise, so be sure to plan your day accordingly. 

Dust Doctors: Your Twin Cities Source for Comprehensive Duct Cleaning

At Dust Doctors, we’re committed to helping you improve and maintain the quality of your indoor air. Our decades of experience, combined with our proprietary cleaning methods and tools, allow us to deliver the highest quality duct cleaning services in the Twin Cities metro area.

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