Did you recently purchase a new home? Does it feature an HVAC system? Have you taken a peek at the ductwork? If not, there’s a high likelihood you’re dealing with considerable dust and debris accumulation from the previous owners — and who wants to breathe someone else’s dust?

At Dust Doctors, we encourage all new homeowners to schedule professional duct cleaning for that very reason: You never know what you might be breathing in. Below, we’re discussing a few little-known facts about dirty ductwork, and how they can affect your health as the owner of a new home.

Got Allergies? Dirty Ducts Can Make Them Worse

Even if the previous owners hired a professional cleaning team (and the place looks white-glove spotless) there’s a definite chance they neglected the ductwork. Many, many homeowners never think twice about professional duct cleaning because they rarely think twice about the condition of their ducts. So, unless you inquired about the state of the ductwork (or the owners volunteered that information) they’re probably caked with dust and other allergy-inducing particles, which may include:

●        Pet hair and dander

●        Pollen

●        Mold and mildew

●        Insects and even rodents

●        Dust mites

●        Volatile household chemicals

But what about the filter? Doesn’t it prevent those particles from flowing into your indoor air? Well, yes and no. Standard HVAC filters aren’t designed to trap the tiniest of microscopic particles, which means they easily pass right through the vent and into the air you breathe.

What’s more, the filter is actually designed to protect the interior components of your HVAC system from debris accumulation. It’s not necessarily there to filter and clean the air it forces into your home. That’s why professional duct cleaning is so important — it eliminates buildup within the ducts, so there’s no possibility of it flowing into your home’s ambient air.

Want to Maximize HVAC Performance? Duct Cleaning Can Help

You just dropped thousands on a down payment for a house — do you want to waste thousands more on inefficient HVAC performance and exorbitant energy bills? Probably not. That’s where professional duct cleaning comes in.

Even though the previous owners likely had an A/C and furnace inspection before selling the home, that doesn’t necessarily mean the system is operating at peak performance. And if the home has dirty ductwork, that’s almost a guarantee the system is not performing as efficiently as possible.

Duct cleaning helps boost HVAC performance and longevity by eliminating airflow restrictions caused by debris accumulation within the ductwork. When air can pass freely through the duct network, the system operates more efficiently because it no longer has to force air through a clogged pathway. The result? Improved temperature maintenance and reasonable year-round heating and cooling expenditures.

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At Dust Doctors, we know what a difference clean, pure air can make in you and your loved ones’ health. That’s why we’re committed to helping you improve and maintain your indoor air quality through comprehensive duct cleaning, HVAC maintenance, and air purification systems. If you’re ready to experience cleaner, more breathable indoor air, we’re ready to help you do it! 

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