At Dust Doctors, we’re often asked if there’s an ideal time of year for duct cleaning. While spring and fall are typically the most common periods of the year to have professional duct cleaning, the reality is this: the best time for duct cleaning is when your ducts are dirty. Every household contains a variety of factors that contribute to dirty ductwork and low-quality air. No two homes are alike in that regard, which makes recommending a specific cleaning season rather futile. That said, we’d like to discuss why spring and fall are the most popular times of the year for duct cleaning, and why you should consider professional service during these seasons.

Spring Duct Cleaning

As winter fades and the weather begins to warm up, most people begin spending more time outdoors after being cooped up for months on end. Spring is a popular time of year for professional duct cleaning because many homeowners prefer to vacate their property while we do the dirty work. Here’s why we often recommend spring duct cleaning in the Twin Cities area:

●        Remove winter dust accumulation. When you spend the majority of your time indoors throughout the winter, activities of daily living can release substantial dust and microscopic debris into the air. Spring duct cleaning is a lot like traditional spring cleaning; it clears away grime and debris that accumulated over the long winter months.

●        Combat spring allergies. When you begin spending more time outdoors, you inevitably carry outdoor allergens into your home. Moreover, pollen and other outdoor allergens can make their way into your HVAC system from the outside air. Having your ducts cleaned at the end of spring—when most plants have already bloomed—will help reduce respiratory stress inside your home.

●        Remove pet dander and shedding. If you have pets, they begin shedding their heavy coats as winter transitions into spring. Dander and fur allergies can become severe during this time, but a thorough duct cleaning can help improve indoor air quality and mitigate irritating symptoms.

Fall Duct Cleaning

On the flip side, many homeowners prefer fall duct cleaning because they know they’ll begin spending more time indoors as the temperatures start to drop. Spending significant time indoors can wreak havoc on your respiratory system if you suffer from allergies, but a pre-winter professional cleaning can make a substantial difference. Here’s why we recommend fall duct cleaning for people who are prone to indoor respiratory issues:

●        Combat mold accumulation. Just because you can’t see mold within your ducts, that doesn’t mean it isn’t negatively affecting your health—quite the opposite, in fact. When you unknowingly allow mold to proliferate, it constantly releases new spores into your home’s ambient air. These spores can cause significant respiratory issues, and in some cases, they can even affect cognitive function. Pre-winter professional duct cleaning eliminates dangerous mold and mildew from your HVAC system before winter forces you to stay cooped up indoors.

●        Improve furnace efficiency. As winter approaches, every homeowner expects their utility bill to rise. With a highly efficient HVAC system, however, winter heating costs don’t have to break the bank. When your air ducts are dirty, your HVAC system must work harder than necessary to heat your home, which reduces its efficiency and drives higher energy costs. Pre-winter professional duct cleaning effectively removes the duct buildup that prevents your system from functioning at its best. Adding professional furnace cleaning to the procedure can significantly improve the efficiency of your system and decrease your yearly energy costs. 

Keep in mind that regardless of the season, we always recommend professional duct cleaning at two-year intervals to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

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At Dust Doctors, we don’t believe duct cleaning should be confined to a specific time of year. Ducts gradually grow dirtier as each day passes, and there’s no reason to wait until spring or fall if you feel that your ducts require professional attention. If you live in the Twin Cities metro and are looking for professional, reliable, and honest service you can count on, we’re the team to call. To learn more about our service or to schedule your appointment, give us a call at 651-319-9777, or you can message us on our contact page.  

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