Furnace Cleaning

Furnace Cleaning In the Twin Cities

the inner workings of a furnace.annual plan.

We automatically blow out the bottom of your furnace during a cleaning of your ducts. However, sometimes the blower wheel and housing is needs extra care. We can do this for you. This will help the efficiency of your furnace and remove more dust from your system. This does not include tune ups or burner section. This should only be done by a licensed HVAC technician.

Furnace Cleaning Service - $99.95

As with air duct cleaning, experts recommend that you clean your furnace every two years. If dirt and dust makes its way into your furnace. This grime, in turn, inhibits the proper functioning of our furnace. Not only can the dust make your furnace work harder - which means your utility bills will go up - but it can also be dangerous. A dirty furnace is more likely to have blocked vents, and those vents are what allows the carbon monoxide that your furnace produces to escape. Dirty furnaces produce more carbon monoxide than clean ones.

The dirt can make its way into your home, too. Even if you have a good furnace filter (you have changed it recently, haven’t you?), some dander, dirt, pet hair, dust mites, pathogens, and allergens can still make their way into your ductwork and throughout your house. The more people and animals you have living in your home, the dirtier your furnace is likely to be.

For service on your furnace we recommend furnace-doctors.com.

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