Air Conditioner Cleaning Service

A/C Unit Cleaning

a man servicing and air conditioning unit.

The a/c outside your home is exposed to the environment. Cottonwood and other debris can get into the coils and cause the air flow to stop. This will shorten the life of your a/c and increase the cost of operation. We will blow out your a/c and get it breathing easier.

Air Conditioner Cleaning - $89.95 plus tax

Just as you need to take care of your furnace, you also have to keep your air conditioning unit clean. Regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary to keep your air conditioner running smoothly and effectively. With condenser units placed outside, leaves, dirt, and other debris can clog your system, leading to higher cooling bills and possibly even failure of your unit. Have our technicians come out and professionally clean your air conditioner. You’ll be happy when you’re enjoying cool, clean air come August instead of worrying about when the repairman can come out.

Outside air conditioners should be cleaned at least annually in order to maintain peak productivity. We’ll come armed with our unique toolset, including all of our air tools, brushes, compressors, and (of course!) our expert technicians to make sure that your unit runs as efficiently as possible.

A/C Coil Cleaning - $150.00 plus tax

The coil above your furnace that you don't see, but is crucial to your cooling comfort can get very dirty and reduce air flow into your home. We will clean this for you.

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