Ensuring your HVAC system is clean and properly cared for is an essential component in maintaining healthy indoor air quality. A properly maintained heating and cooling system can also cut down your annual energy costs by improving energy efficiency. At Dust Doctors, our Comfort Keepers maintenance plan is designed to deliver both cost savings and peace of mind through annual A/C and furnace cleaning, along with regular maintenance. If you haven’t yet opted for our annual HVAC service plan, here’s why you should consider it:

Equipment Longevity

The biggest culprit behind premature HVAC failure is a lack of regular maintenance. On average, an HVAC system has a life of 10 to 25 years with proper maintenance. Without routine inspection, cleaning, and parts repair, an HVAC system’s life may end in just five short years. An annual A/C cleaning and furnace cleaning will help extend the life of your system and can reveal small issues before they become large problems. Your technician will perform a thorough cleaning and multi-point inspection of the following components:

●        Blower components, airflow, and filters

●        Electrical connections, motor function, compressor, condenser, coils, and fans

●        Flame sensor, burner flame, heat exchanger, thermostat, and drains

●        Lubricate all moving parts

●        Check refrigerant level and gas pressure

Improved Energy Efficiency

Did you know that the average HVAC system loses 5% efficiency each year that you forget to schedule maintenance? As your HVAC components age, they reduce the efficiency of your system, leading to higher energy bills and inconsistent indoor temperature. Fortunately, an annual furnace and A/C cleaning plan can help your system maintain the highest efficiency possible.

With yearly maintenance, your technician can keep your system functioning at approximately 95% of its original efficiency throughout its recommended life! Keep in mind: There’s no way to completely avoid HVAC wear-and-tear; even with the best maintenance, your system will gradually deteriorate over time. 

Reduced Repair Costs

Small HVAC issues often go unnoticed until they become glaring problems. Once an issue has spiraled out of control, it can often be expensive to fix. Depending on the season, you don’t want to be without your A/C or heating for longer than a few hours. With an annual HVAC service plan, your technician can catch these small problems before they wreak havoc on your system. By proactively conducting the appropriate maintenance and necessary repairs, your service technician can save you significant repair costs. 

Expert Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance From Dust Doctors

If you’ve been looking for hands-off HVAC maintenance, it’s time to call the experts at Dust Doctors. At just $13 a month, our Comfort Keepers service plan is a smart—and affordable—investment in the life of your heating and cooling system. To learn more about our maintenance plans, indoor air quality services, or duct cleaning, give our team a call at 651-319-9777 or reach out to us on our contact page. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to request your free quote!

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