Your air ducts should be cleaned every two to five years. This is a pretty big gap, which leaves some people wondering if they need theirs cleaned closer to the two-year mark or closer to the five-year mark. Here at Dust Doctors, we want everyone to know the signs that you should look for when determining when your ducts should be cleaned. Here are a few of the most common signs that tell you it is time to have your ducts cleaned.


Your Air Registers Have Dust Build Up

One of the easiest signs for homeowners to spot when their air ducts need to be cleaned is dirty air registers. Take a look at the registers or air returns in your home. They may have a tiny bit of dust built up on them from dust and particles blowing in the air. However, if there is a lot of dust built up on them, especially on the twisted blades from which air flows out of, your air ducts are likely dirty. If the ducts are dirty, they blow dirt and dust out of your air registers and returns. This dust and dirt accumulate on these blades, causing noticeable buildup.


You Notice Dust Accumulating Faster in Your Home

Another sign that you need your ducts cleaned is dust accumulating faster in your home. If it feels like you are dusting every weekend and there is a new pile of dust waiting for you by the time the next weekend rolls around, you may have dirty air blowing into your home. Only you know how often you typically need to dust. But if it seems to be more frequently than normal, it may be time to call in a professional to clean your ducts.


You Have an Allergy Sufferer In Your Home

If you have an allergy sufferer in your home, or someone with a breathing condition, such as asthma, living in your home, you may need your ducts cleaned more frequently. Those who have conditions that make them sensitive to dirt, dander, pollen, and dust will benefit from having the ducts cleaned as frequently as once every two years to ensure the air quality in the home stays optimal for their health.


The Guidance of a Professional Air Duct Cleaner

A professional cleaner can also give you clues as to how often you need your ducts cleaned. When you call in one, they can tell you how dirty your ducts were and if you should have had them cleaned earlier. If they were dirty, you know that you may need more frequent cleanings than before. On the other hand, they may look at your ducts and remark that they were clean. This helps you know that you can space your cleanings out further.


When your ducts need to be cleaned, turn to Dust Doctors in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. We can help clean all of the ducts and vents in your home, helping to reduce the amount of dust in the air and reduce your energy usage. Call us today at 651-319-9777 to schedule an appointment to have your ducts cleaned.

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