Nearly every type of home renovation is going to kick dust and dirt up into the air. This can range from mildly dangerous (especially to those with allergies and asthma) to severely dangerous (in cases of mold or asbestos). Apart from gloves and work masks, there are a few things you should do early on to protect yourself.

Do Your Research

Before renovations even start, you need to make sure you aren't going to be dealing with hazardous materials. In most areas, it's not illegal to remove things like asbestos from your own home, but you're going to have to take substantially different precautions (and potentially purchase a license). If your home hasn't been inspected before, now is the time -- it can be impossible to tell whether you have asbestos and similar materials on your property without the work of a professional.

Prepare the Room

Chances are you aren't renovating your entire home at the same time. Start off by preparing yourself room by room. The room that you're working on should have all of the furnishings either removed or covered in plastic sheeting. Doorways should also be covered with taped plastic sheets, with a slit at the center for walking through. All vents to the room should be closed so that the ducts don't become filled with additional dust. This will isolate the dust into a single area rather than getting dispersed through your house.

Complete a Thorough Cleaning

Once renovations have been completed, you may want to rent a commercial vacuum cleaner in order to vacuum all the dust -- and be careful when taking out tarps and plastic sheeting. Get your ducts cleaned and your filters replaced, so you aren't blowing around dust. Hard surfaces should be wiped down with a damp cloth to get any excess dirt.

Get Your Air Quality Tested

After a significant renovation, you might want to invest in a fast and simple air quality test. Air quality tests will give you information about all of the potential allergens or hazards that could have been discovered through renovations; most commonly this could be mold. An air quality test is fast, simple, and will give you peace of mind.

Air quality is especially important for those who have children, elderly family members, or sensitive pets. Always remember to keep on a mask when completing home renovations and to wash yourself of any dust thoroughly -- and make sure that you aren't working with any hazardous materials! After the dust has settled, contact Dust Doctors for a professional cleanup. We can get your home back to healthy quality air for you and your family in no time! Give us a call at 651-319-9777 or visit us online to learn more about air duct cleaning after a remodel.


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