The frequency in which your air ducts need to be cleaned varies based on many factors. Those who live in a dusty environment, have pets, or run their heating or cooling device often may need their ducts cleaned more frequently than those who do not. As the time between cleanings varies from household to household, you may be unsure of when your ducts need to be cleaned. Here are a few of the signs that can help you determine when your air ducts may need to be cleaned.

Your Home is Constantly Dusty

Do you feel like you are constantly dusting your home but not making a dent in the amount of dust that is accumulating? If so, you may need to have your air ducts cleaned. If your air ducts are dirty, dust is constantly blowing in your home. This can increase the amount of dust in your home, making it feel like it is always dusty, no matter how frequently you dust.

Your Energy Bills Have Increased

Have you noticed that your energy bills are increasing? If so, dirty air ducts may be to blame. When your air ducts are dirty, air may not flow through the ducts as quickly or efficiently as it should. This can cause your heated air to cool and your cooled air to heat before it reaches your home. Due to this, your heater or air conditioner may need to operate longer to heat or cool your home, which causes your energy bills to increase.

You Smell a Mildew Scent Coming From Your Vents

Do you smell a mildew scent in your home? Does it seem to be stronger when you are under a vent in your home? If so, your ducts may have mildew, or worse, mold, growing in them. Cleaning your vents removes the mildew or mold growth, eliminating this scent from your home.

Have you noticed your home is constantly dusty, your energy bills have increased and/or you have a mildew scent coming from your vents? Then your air ducts are in need of professional cleaning. In the greater Twin Cities, Minnesota area, turn to Dust Doctors for all of your air duct cleaning needs. Get in touch with us now to schedule an appointment for your home.

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