Even without pets, it’s recommended you have your home’s air ducts routinely cleaned. As a pet owner, you likely need to have your ducts cleaned more frequently to ensure pet dander, fur, and dust are staying out of your home’s air system. Here are three of the benefits of having your ducts routinely cleaned if you have furry friends living with you in your home:


●        Removes Pet Dander

One of the benefits of having your air ducts routinely cleaned if you have pets is that air duct cleaning helps remove pet dander. Pet dander is small flecks of skin, similar to dandruff on a human, that come off of animals with fur, hair, and feathers. Pet dander can float around in the air and eventually make its way into your air ducts. As you use your heating or cooling unit, the air flowing through the ducts can push the dander back out, making your home look dustier and causing problems for anyone who may have a breathing condition, such as asthma.


●        Removes Pet Hair and Fur

Air duct cleaning helps to remove pet hair and fur that can be sitting in your ducts. Pet hair and fur can sit in your ducts, which can slow down the flow of air through the ducts. This increases your energy usage, as it decreases the amount of air that can make its way into your home. Pet hair and fur in the ducts can also be pushed back into your home, like pet dander, and cause problems for those with pet allergies or breathing conditions.


●        Removes Pet Odor

Duct cleaning can help remove stubborn pet odors. As a pet owner, you may notice that your home smells too much like a pet. You may try to use air fresheners or have your carpet cleaned to remove the smell to no avail. However, in some cases, the smell is trapped in your air ducts and vents. Having your air ducts cleaned can help to remove stubborn pet odors you can never seem to remove.


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