As duct cleaning professionals, we recommend you have your air ducts cleaned every two to five years. When it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned, we can help you decide which air duct cleaning technique may be better for your ducts.

●        Technique 1: Air Whip Cleaning

●        Technique 2: Deep Cleaning

When Should Air Whip Cleaning Be Done?

Air whip cleaning removes regular amounts of dust, dirt, pollen, dander, and debris that can be found in your ductwork system. If you routinely have your air ducts cleaned, air whip cleaning should be sufficient to remove the small accumulation of dust that is present. Air whip cleaning is faster and cheaper than deep cleaning.

Air whip cleaning is completed by inserting a hole-filled nozzle into your ductwork. A compressor pushes air through the nozzle, and the air exits out of the multitude of holes, removing stuck on dirt and dust from the ductwork. After this step is complete, a hose is inserted into the ductwork that sucks away all the dirt and dust, much like a vacuum sucks up debris.

When Should Deep Cleaning Be Done?

In some situations, you may have a large accumulation of dust in your air duct systems. You may have forgotten to have your ducts cleaned, and it may have been five or more since your last cleaning. Or perhaps you had home renovations done that added a large amount of dirt or dust to your system. In either of these cases, air whip cleaning may not be sufficient. Deep cleaning should be done to ensure all the dust that has accumulated in your system is removed.

Deep cleaning can also be done to remove unwanted odors in your home. If you have recently purchased a home that smells like cigarette smoke, or if the previous renter had pets that left a lingering scent, deep cleaning your ducts can help to get rid of these odors once and for all.

During the deep cleaning process, a hose with a brush is inserted through each vent into your ductwork. The hose is connected to a negative pressure air machine. When turned on, the unit is able to brush away dirt and dust, while also sucking it away. This removes caked on debris and large amounts of dirt and dust, leaving you with a clean duct system.

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