There are many benefits to having the ducts in your home cleaned. Clean ducts are more energy-efficient and improve the air quality in your home. However, if you are getting ready to have your ducts cleaned to experience these benefits, you may be wondering how exactly they are cleaned. Read on to find out how a dirty duct is transformed into a clean one.


The first step to cleaning a duct is to suction away all of the dirt and dust that is inside of the ducts. A hose is placed inside of the ducts and when turned on, begins to suck up dirt and dust, much like a vacuum hose would. This is done on various parts of the duct system to ensure as much dirt and dust is suctioned away as possible.


Once suctioning is done, the hose inserted in the hose is put on reverse. This causes it to blow, rather than to suction. Any excess dirt and dust is blown towards the registers, helping to remove it from your system. A professional company will place tarps under the registers to ensure you are not left with a mess once the dust blows out of your air registers.


After suctioning and blowing, there may still be dirt and dust caked on the ducts within your home. Unfortunately, things may stick to the ducts and no amount of air is going to move these stuck or caked on pieces along. The only way to remove them is by brushing them away. A long brush is inserted into your duct system and rubbed along the ducts. This helps to free any stuck or caked on debris. After this process, suctioning is done once again to remove any remnants that were loosened from being brushed. The type of brush used varies based on the type of ducts you have, as well as their age and condition.

Hand Cleaning

The last thing that is done is hand cleaning. Items such as your registers and grills are cleaned by hand. This is typically done with a cleaning solution and a rag. This is done to remove dirt, dust and debris. Once this step is done, your entire duct system will be clean.

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