Scheduling professional duct cleaning every couple of years is one of the best ways to improve your indoor air quality and boost your HVAC system’s efficiency. But unfortunately, duct cleaning scams have been on the rise in recent years, and they’re often disguised as legitimate companies offering deeply discounted “specials” on cleaning services.

If you don’t know how to recognize a potential scam, you could get easily get duped into hiring a shady duct cleaning company that won’t do the job you’re paying them to do. How can you tell when you might be dealing with a scammer? Read on for four common red flags that should tip you off.

Super-Low “Special” Deals on Duct Cleaning Services

Reputable duct cleaning companies do offer promotions on their services from time to time, but you won’t likely find those companies offering rock-bottom prices for any reason. That’s because, like any service, duct cleaning requires specialized tools and expertise, and ultimately, that’s a large part of what you’re paying for when you work with a quality company.

Duct cleaning services that advertise deep discounts — price reductions that are far outside the normal range for the service — are red flags. Typically, when a company lowballs on pricing, they’re doing so because they don’t plan on providing quality service.

To avoid getting roped into a major “deal,” it’s a good idea to request service quotes from a few different duct cleaning companies to get an idea of what the average price looks like. If you come across any companies advertising pricing way outside of that range, steer clear.

Asking for Payment Upfront

Any reputable duct cleaning company will never ask you to pay for the service in full before they actually clean your ducts. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for a quality company to request a small down payment before the work commences, but the bulk of the payment should always occur when the job is complete.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Reputable home services companies know that the services they provide involve an investment and that homeowners may need time to consider their options. As such, quality, respectable duct cleaners will never pressure you into making a hiring decision when you have them on the phone.

Shady duct cleaning companies, on the other hand, often attempt to pressure interested customers into making a quick hiring decision before they can actually research the company thoroughly. That’s a major red flag. Any company that pushes you to make a decision probably has something to hide, so it’s likely in your best interest to steer clear.

Service Price Increases Due to “Unforeseen Problems”

If you ever come across a duct cleaning contractor that quotes you one price but then finds “unforeseen issues” in your ductwork that prompt a considerable price increase, be wary. Although unforeseen issues can and sometimes do occur — even with reputable companies — many scammers use this tactic in an attempt to intimidate homeowners into paying more money than they should for the service.

When a company tries to find reasons to increase pricing without thoroughly explaining or showing you why, seek a second opinion. And, be sure that when you do make a hiring decision, you get the pricing in writing. No one is required to honor a verbal price quote, so keep that in mind.

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