Don’t have a go-to duct cleaning company yet? Then you need to be careful about who you hire for air duct cleaning services because there are plenty of scammers out there. Before you settle on a service provider, ask targeted questions upfront to separate the seasoned pros from the less-than-reputable companies. 

Which questions should you ask to make sure you’re hiring a legitimate duct cleaning company? Refer to our handy list below.

Do You Have Proof of Insurance?

Anytime you allow a contractor inside your home to perform any type of work, even duct cleaning, you need to make sure they carry liability insurance and have proof. The last thing you need to be financially liable for any accidental damage or injuries that may occur during the cleaning appointment.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

The length of time a duct cleaning company has been in business can be very telling. The longer they’ve been operational, the more experienced they are, and the more refined their cleaning techniques and tools usually are. If a company tells you they’ve been in business for several years, you should have no trouble finding reviews from past clients, which can also be very telling.

Do You Adhere to Any Nationally Recognized Duct Cleaning Standards?

Both the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and the Environmental Protection Agency have duct cleaning guidelines. Ask whether each duct cleaning company you interview follows either the NADCA or EPA standards. The EPA also has a post-cleaning checklist for consumer reference, which you can use to verify that your duct cleaning provider adhered to the highest cleaning standards.

What Kind of Vacuum Do You Use?

Not all vacuums for duct cleaning purposes are created equal. So make sure you ask each company what type of cleaning tools they use. What you’re looking for here is a powerful, truck-mounted vacuum that’s capable of created negative pressure within your entire duct system. Small, handheld vacuums simply don’t deliver the level of suction required to thoroughly clean your air ducts.

Do You Use Cameras to Perform a Visual Inspection?

A pre-cleaning visual inspection allows both you and the duct cleaning provider to see how much debris has accumulated inside your ductwork. Without an inspection, it’s pretty difficult to determine which areas need extra attention, so this is something you should definitely inquire about.

A post-cleaning inspection, on the other hand, allows you to verify whether the duct cleaners did their job properly. If a company doesn’t offer to show you before and after images, be wary about hiring them.

How Do You Collect Debris From the Ducts?

You want to make sure that no debris will enter your living spaces during or after the cleaning session, so you must ask how the technicians get it out of the house. Ideally, you’re looking for a truck-mounted vacuum that creates negative air pressure, which naturally sucks the dust and debris out of your ductwork and funnels it into a collection tank outside.

Do You Thoroughly Clean the Interior Walls of the Ductwork?

Vacuuming alone won’t tackle caked-on residue that’s stuck to the interior walls of your ductwork. If you’re getting a deep cleaning, you should be looking for something like air whip cleaning, which is designed to dislodge any debris stuck to the walls of your air ducts.

Do You Use Any Chemical Disinfectants?

Some duct cleaning companies use chemical cleaners and biocides to sanitize ductwork after cleaning. If you don’t want potentially hazardous chemical residue in your HVAC system, make sure you ask whether they apply disinfectants and what type they use.

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