Have you had your air ducts cleaned lately? If it’s been a while since your last professional cleaning or if you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, know this: Duct cleaning, when performed at routine intervals, is an essential step in protecting you and your family’s health. If you’re not sure how to determine when it’s time to schedule your next duct cleaning appointment, at Dust Doctors, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve outlined three easy ways to tell when your ducts are due for professional cleaning.

It’s Been Two Years or Longer Since Your Last Cleaning

For most households, professional duct cleaning is recommended at two-year intervals. If it’s been several years since your ducts last saw a vacuum or if they’ve never been cleaned, it’s time to schedule an appointment.

For households with allergy sufferers, smokers, or asthma sufferers, more frequent duct cleanings are usually necessary. If your household falls under any of those categories, schedule cleaning appointments on an annual basis. 

Your House Smells Strange

If you’re dealing with persistent indoor odors, despite thorough household cleaning, there’s a good chance dirty ducts are the culprit. Your ductwork can house a number of unpleasant substances that contribute to household odors, including:

●        Mold and mildew

●        Bacteria

●        Standing moisture due to leaks in the ductwork

●        Pests

If any of the above are hanging out in your ducts and causing an unrelenting stench, duct deep cleaning is really the only way to remove the odor. Even if you’re unsure whether something inside your ducts is the source of the problem, a duct cleaning specialist can inspect your HVAC system and let you know what might be causing the stench.

Your Allergies Are Acting Up

Have you been sniffling or sneezing more often than usual, despite staying indoors? If so, dirty ductwork may be causing your allergy symptoms to flare. Because dirty ducts are usually loaded with dander, pollen, bacteria, hair, dust mites, and collection of other nasty stuff, they often trigger indoor allergies in sensitive individuals.

Even if you’ve never experienced allergies before, continually breathing in recirculated, dirty air can absolutely cause respiratory issues, sniffles, sneezes, and other bothersome symptoms. To find out if your ductwork is the source of your health woes, schedule a duct cleaning appointment and see how your symptoms respond afterward.

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