As a landlord, it’s your obligation to provide your tenants with a safe, habitable place to live. But if your rental properties have dirty ductwork, there’s a decent chance you could be neglecting your legal obligation to your tenants. How?

Dirty ducts aren’t just off-putting; they can present a real threat to human health, especially if they contain mold, mildew, or other potentially hazardous allergens. Below, the team at Dust Doctors explains why routine duct cleaning is critical for any rental property.

Tenants May Be Able to Claim Negligence

Mold and mildew are unacceptable in any rental property as they can cause significant health problems in humans. If your tenants report unusual symptoms and believe those health issues are due to mold exposure, it’s your legal duty to remedy the problem. And because ductwork can harbor a significant amount of mold and mildew, it’s critical that you have your ducts inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

It’s unfortunate, but your tenants may be able to pursue legal action if they experience mold-related health issues while renting your property. Even if you aren’t aware that mold exists inside the dwelling, you may be subject to fines, rent withholding, or other legal ramifications.

Dirty Ducts Can Devalue Your Property

If the ducts inside any of your rental properties happen to contain mold, you might be in trouble as far as your property value goes. Because even a small mold colony inside a duct can launch thousands of spores into the home’s ambient air, it can potentially trigger a serious mold problem that extends far beyond the ductwork.

Unfortunately, mold issues in rental properties often go undetected until landlords decide to sell. And by the time they call for a pre-sale inspection, the mold problem has grown out of control. At that point, remediation is a long, arduous, expensive process, and in severe cases, extensive renovations may be necessary.

To give yourself the best chance of avoiding a mold problem inside any of your rentals, schedule professional duct cleaning on a regular basis. Ideally, you should have the service performed either annually or every two years.

Dirty Ducts Contribute HVAC Wear and Tear

Depending on how dirty they are, debris-laden ducts can significantly reduce the efficiency of your properties’ HVAC systems. Because inefficient HVAC systems must work harder than necessary to heat and cool your properties, they’re more susceptible to premature breakdown. So if you’re not keen on paying for frequent HVAC service and repairs, routine duct cleaning is essential.

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