If you suffer from indoor allergies, your ductwork may be partially to blame. Over time, air ducts can accumulate a substantial amount of dust and debris, and unless you clean it out, your health can suffer. Whether you’re dealing with sudden, unexplained allergy symptoms or your allergies have been plaguing you for years, professional duct cleaning can help provide you a reprieve. Below, the team at Dust Doctors explains why.

Allergens Accumulate Inside Your Ductwork

Many people mistakenly assume the air that flows through their HVAC vents comes from outdoors—that’s not the case at all. Rather, most of the air inside your home is continually recirculated by your HVAC system, which means any allergens inside your house are there to stay.

As the HVAC pulls air through the intake, microscopic allergens pass through the vents and end up in the ductwork. Eventually, those same allergens travel back into your living areas as the system forces conditioned air back through the vents. So what kind of allergens are we talking about? Great question—they include:

●        Pollen

●        Dander and pet hair

●        Volatile organic compounds

●        Mold and mildew spores

●        Chemical residues

Whether you already know you’re allergic to the above substances or you’ve developed mysterious health issues over time, professional duct cleaning can help resolve your symptoms. By having your ducts cleaned on an annual or biannual basis, you’ll significantly reduce or even eliminate the allergens lurking inside your ductwork. As a result, you’ll enjoy fewer annoying symptoms year round.

Air Purification Systems Can Dramatically Improve Indoor Air Quality

Although your HVAC filters are designed to trap dust and other particles that would otherwise escape your ducts, they can’t catch everything. In fact, many of the particles that cause the most severe allergy symptoms are so microscopic they pass directly through those filters.

That’s where an air purification system takes over.

A household air purification system is designed to trap the microscopic, airborne particles your standard HVAC filter cannot catch. With HEPA filtration, an air purifier can trap approximately 99.7% of particles sized 0.3 microns or larger in diameter (a single human hair ranges in diameter from 17 microns to 181 microns, for reference). 

So if you’re allergic to mold or mildew spores, certain types of bacteria, pollen particles, or anything else that’s super tiny, an air purification system can really help. Certain filters, especially those that feature UV technology, can even trap and kill viruses, making them a great addition to any home—even ones that don’t house allergy sufferers.

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