We offer an annual maintenance plan for all of our clients. Our program is designed to keep your HVAC system and ductwork performing at peak level throughout the year. A yearly maintenance plan will give you peace of mind that you can depend on your heating and cooling and equipment when you need it most. Below, we provide a summary of our annual plan and how it will benefit your home. If you have any other questions, please contact us today.


The Comfort Keeper Maintenance Plan

If you want to maintain comfort in your home year round, we recommend taking advantage of our Comfort Keeper Maintenance Plan. Our certified and highly trained technicians can identify issues in your equipment and give it a thorough HVAC cleaning or duct cleaning. There are several benefits to using our plan:


●        Fewer costly repairs over the long run

●        Longer lasting HVAC system

●        Higher energy efficiency with lower utility bills

●        Improved performance of the unit and the ductwork

●        Cleaner air circulating through the house


What Does the Plan Include?

We developed our maintenance plan with you in mind. What benefits can you take advantage of by signing up?


●        Priority Scheduling. If we can schedule ongoing maintenance with you in advance, you never have to wait for service. We will arrive at your home according to the dates you on the calendar.

●        Repair Discounts. You receive a 10% discount on any heating and AC repairs. The discounts also extend to any ductwork service we perform.

●        Courtesy Calls. You never have to chase us down to get service. We will call you and let you know when a tune-up is due on your particular system.


The Maintenance Plan Checklist

Our Comforter Keeper Maintenance Plan is comprehensive. It covers all vital components of your system. We inspect and repair the following parts as necessary:


Furnace Maintenance


●        Carbon Monoxide levels

●        Heat Exchanger

●        Flame Sensor

●        Burners

●        Blower and Inducer Motor

●        Blower Motor Capacitor

●        Electrical Connections

●        Airflow

●        Temperature Rise

●        Gas Pressure

●        Burner Flame


AC Maintenance


●        Here’s what we include in our AC cleaning and inspection service:

●        Clean or Replace Filter (Owner Supplied)

●        Check Thermostat Settings

●        Check All Operating Controls

●        Lubricate All Working Parts

●        Check Condensate Drain Function

●        Check Electrical Connections

●        Check Refrigerant Level (Extra charge to refill, if necessary)

●        Clean Condenser Coils

●        Adjust and Clean Blower Compartment

●        Check Compressor

●        Check Blower Wheel on Furnace

●        Check Condenser Fan Motor


Sign Up for Our Maintenance Plan Today

If you want to keep your HVAC system running well year after year, contact Dust Doctors today. We offer HVAC, duct, and vent cleaning, as well as air duct pest control. To schedule an inspection or a repair, call us now at 651-319-9777. We serve homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. 

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