Although you may have heard of air duct cleaning, the term air whip cleaning may be less familiar. Dust Doctors regularly uses air whip cleaning to purify your ductwork and preserve your HVAC system. In this article, we describe what air whip cleaning is, how it differs from standard duct cleaning, and why it’s a better option for your home. We can also demonstrate how useful it is when you contact us for your next HVAC cleaning or duct cleaning.


What is Air Whip Cleaning and How is it Different?

There are mainly two ways to remove the dirt and dust from your HVAC system: a rotary brush and an air whip. What is the difference?


●        Rotary Brush Systems. A rotary brush system utilizes a round brush that is attached to a long cable. A motor spins the brush like a drill. As the brush rotates, it removes dirt and dust from the inside of the duct. While brushes do a reasonably good job of removing debris from round pipes, they don’t reach corners very well. Thus, they don’t get all the dirt. Brushes also get tangled in the ducts and are sometimes hard to remove. Once a brush becomes entangled, it takes a lot of effort to get it out of the ducts.

●        Air Whip Systems. An air whip works quite differently than a rotary brush. We insert an air nozzle deep into the ductwork. We then turn on a compressor that forces air out of small holes along the nozzle. It creates enough air pressure to blast any dirt or dust off the inner surface of the ductwork. From there we can insert a vacuum to suck it out of the channels.


The Benefits of an Air Whip System

Although a rotary brush system does a decent job of removing debris from air ducts, we prefer using an air whip system for the following reasons:


●        We achieve better results

●        We get the job done faster with less effort

●        Air whip systems clean the ducts with zero abrasion

●        The equipment will not get tangled in the ductwork

●        We use less equipment for higher efficiency


Will It Work with Your Duct System?

The answer is yes. One of the advantages that air whips have over rotary brushes is that they can be used in any HVAC ductwork system. We can insert the system into the ducts without damaging them. They have the flexibility to maneuver through an entire duct network. No portion of the ducts will go uncleaned. You’ll be 100% satisfied.


Get Your Duct Cleaning Done by Dust Doctors

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