Minnesotans know all too well the importance of being prepared for winter. But have you thought about how dirty ductwork can affect your family this winter season? The professionals at Dust Doctors know how important it is to maintain good air quality in your home, especially during times of the year when you stay cooped up inside. Winter in Minnesota can sometimes strike as early as October, and the snow often sticks around until April. You certainly don’t want to be breathing contaminated air for half the year, and getting your ducts cleaned early will ensure you don’t have to.



Winter in Minnesota tends to bring on a number of viruses, namely the common cold and flu. And while living in a sealed tank is the only way to avoid viruses completely, having your ducts cleaned can certainly help. When someone with a virus enters your home, that virus spreads into the air. As your heating system circulates air, it pulls bacteria and viruses into the ductwork where they can accumulate over time. Regular duct cleanings can help ensure that viruses and other particles don’t put your family at risk.



Since you’ll spend most of your time indoors throughout the winter season, you’ll want your heating system to be as efficient as possible. One way to achieve this is with professional duct cleaning. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, dust buildup of just .042 inches on a heating coil can affect the efficiency of your heating system by up to 21 percent! To lessen the impact that winter has on your wallet, have your system cleaned before the snow begins to fall.



Imagine coming home in the dead of winter only to find the interior of your home is the same temperature as the snowy streets. How’s that for alarming? Research suggests that nine out of 10 heating system failures are due in part to dust and grime buildup. Not only is system failure a possibility, but dirt and dust can reduce your system’s cubic feet of air per second (CFM), by up to 50 percent. So even if your system doesn’t fail completely, your home could still be a lot less cozy than you’d like. A thorough furnace cleaning not only improves its efficiency, but it can also prevent future breakdowns. 



Before the temperatures start to drop, call the duct cleaning professionals at Dust Doctors. Our knowledgeable and experienced team has the tools and know-how to get the job done right. Over the years, we’ve developed our own time-tested tool kits and systems designed to clean your ducts more thoroughly than any of our competitors. Our team is dedicated to providing industry-leading service so you and your family can enjoy a happy, healthy winter. To request a cleaning estimate, or to schedule your service appointment, contact us at 651-319-9777.

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