Do you have a heating and cooling system in your home? Yes? Then it needs to be cleaned. You may have read or heard that your ductwork doesn’t need regular cleanings, that it doesn’t accumulate dust, or that dirty ductwork can’t affect your health. Suffice it to say that you can’t believe everything you hear (or read). At Dust Doctors, throughout decades of tackling the dirtiest of ductwork in the Twin Cities, we’ve encountered many a homeowner who previously held the same beliefs. But the old adage still stands true: You just don’t know what you don’t know. Today, we’re here to discuss the top five duct cleaning myths and why hanging onto these beliefs could be harming your health.

Ducts Don’t Get That Dirty

Somewhere in your research on the internet, you’ve probably read that your ducts don’t accumulate substantial dust. We beg to differ. Dust is comprised of a wide variety of particles, including dead skin, hair, pollen, fabric fibers, minerals, and cosmetic powders, among others. All of these particles circulate around your home on a daily basis, even if you can’t see them.

Did you know that the average person creates about nine grams of dead skin each week? That might not seem like much, but over the course of one year, that’s over a pound of dead human skin floating around your home! And guess where much of that dead skin and other particles end up? Inside your ductwork. To avoid breathing in your own skin and other offputting particles, regular inspections and duct cleanings are a good idea.

Dirty Ducts Don’t Affect Your Health

Does pollution affect your health? Of course. Does secondhand smoke affect your health? Absolutely. Do dirty ducts affect your indoor air quality, and therefore, your health? No question. If the air you breathe is contaminated with anything, it can affect your health—and dust, whether or not you believe it, is a contaminant. Remember that pound of dead skin you produce every year? It contributes to dust buildup in your ductwork and around your home, and while dust may not seem inherently harmful, dust mites are. As many as 500 dust mites can live on a single gram of dust, and when you breathe them in, they can trigger significant allergy symptoms.

Mold Only Develops With Humidifier Use

This myth is downright false. Mold can develop anywhere there is moisture, and moisture can accumulate even if you don’t own a humidifier. Every HVAC system has vents, and often, it’s these vents that contribute to mold development. As cool air passes through your system, moisture within the air can condense and accumulate around the inside of the air vents. And, because mold loves a moist environment, this leaves your ducts susceptible to mold development. Any home with an HVAC system should have regular duct cleanings to prevent dangerous spores from spreading.

Duct Cleaning Requires Dangerous Chemicals

Absolutely not! At Dust Doctors, our comprehensive duct cleaning methods don’t involve any chemical use. Vacuums, air whips, and brushes are extremely efficient duct-cleaning tools when in the hands of a trained professional. If you’re worried about cleaning your ducts because you don’t want to expose your family to harsh chemicals, we have advanced equipment that allows us to thoroughly clean your system without putting your health at risk. In fact, we’re so dedicated to you and your family’s health that we built our entire business around it!

Duct Cleaning is a Do-It-Yourself Job

Sure, you can clean your own ducts, but are you really getting them clean? You may have read that duct cleaning is a piece of cake—that anyone can clean their own ducts—but if that were true, everyone would do it. Attempting to clean your own ducts can actually compromise your indoor air quality more than if you were to leave them completely dirty. Duct cleaning stirs up substantial dust and debris within your system, and without the proper equipment, these particles can travel directly into your home’s ambient air.

At Dust Doctors, we use advanced, high-powered vacuums, hoses, rotary brushes, air whips, and sealing materials to help ensure dust and debris don’t inadvertently enter your home. Over decades we’ve developed unique systems designed to protect and enhance the air quality in your home, and DIY cleanings simply cannot compete. If you try the DIY approach, chances are you’ll end up with poorer air quality than when you started.

Duct Cleaning Experts in the Twin Cities

When you want to protect and enhance the air quality in your home, look no further than the professionals at Dust Doctors. Over decades, we’ve developed and streamlined our comprehensive cleaning methods to deliver a superior clean that you and your family can count on. We specialize in duct cleaning, air purification systems, furnace cleaning, and air conditioner cleaning to keep your HVAC system and air quality in top condition. For questions or to schedule your service appointment, contact our team at 651-319-9777, or you can message us on our contact page.

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