At Dust Doctors, we offer a variety of services that can to extend the lifespan of an appliance, while also helping to reduce your energy bills. If your energy bills are slowly getting higher each month, we may be able to help you to lower them. Here are three different services we offer and how the service can help to reduce your energy bills:


1.       Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts carry the heated or cooled air from your furnace or air conditioner to the vents in your home. If the air ducts are filled with dust and dirt, the air has to travel through or around the obstacle. This slows down the flow of air. When air is slowed, it starts to either heat up or cool down, which is not what you want when heating or cooling your home. Cleaning the ducts helps air to flow as it should, minimizing the amount of time your air conditioner or furnace has to run to heat or cool your home.


2.       Furnace and Air Conditioning Cleaning

Your furnace and air conditioner can become dirty, as dirt and dust can infiltrate parts within the unit. This dirt and dust can weigh on the unit, causing it to function poorly In turn, your furnace or air conditioner has to run longer than it would if it was clean, increasing your energy bill. Removing the dirt and dust allows it to function properly and helps reduce your higher-than-normal energy bill.


3.       Dryer Vent Cleaning

As you use your dryer, the vent can fill with lint and debris. This affects how quickly your dryer takes to dry clothes. If your dryer vent is filled with debris, it will take longer to dry your clothes, which increases your energy expenses. Removing the lint helps to decrease your energy costs. Additionally, lint can cause a fire in your dryer vent, so removing it helps to prevent this.


Have you noticed your energy bills getting higher? If so, now is the perfect time to contact Dust Doctors. Let us help you what services you can benefit from and make an appointment to come and remove dirt and dust, while also reducing your energy bill. Contact us today to get started.


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