Your air conditioning unit has many different parts. One part that plays a huge role in the function of your unit is the air conditioning coil, or A/C coil. The coil is responsible for cooling down hot air, helping to provide you with air the temperature you desire. Unfortunately though, if the coil is dirty, air may not be as cold as you would like. Cleaning your coil helps to ensure air gets as cold as needed.


Why Should You Have Your A/C Coil Cleaned?

It is important you have A/C coil cleaning done to help ensure your coil can cool air down as desired. Dirt and dust can build up on the coil and begin to coat the coil. This prevents air from sitting directly on it, which typically makes it cold.


When Should You Have A/C Coil Cleaning Done?

It’s recommended you have A/C coil cleaned on an annual basis. Most experts recommend having it done in the spring, before hot weather hits. This ensures the coils are clean and ready to cool air as soon as warm weather hits.


What Can Happen If You Don't Have A/C Coil Cleaning Done?

If you do not have your A/C coils cleaned, your air conditioning unit may have to work harder and longer to cool the air. Ultimately, this can increase the length of time you run your air conditioning unit. This causes an increase in your energy bill and also shortens the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. Additionally, if you fail to have your coils cleaned for a long period of time, your coils can become so dirty that they fail to cool the air blowing through your air conditioning unit.


Can You Clean Your A/C Coils Yourself?

It’s not recommended that you attempt to clean an air conditioning coil yourself. First, the coils are tucked back in many units and can be difficult to access. Second, you can damage the coils if your rub them too hard or do not clean them properly. As such, A/C coil cleaning should always be left to a heating and cooling professional.


Spring is right around the corner. Spring is also the perfect time to have your A/C coils cleaned before temperatures heat up and you need to use your air conditioning unit. If you need to have your air conditioning coils cleaned in the greater Minneapolis area, Dust Doctors can help you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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