Are your monthly energy bills rising out of control? Can’t seem to identify a culprit, no matter what you try? The problem may stem from dirty ductwork, and the good news is: If that’s the issue, it’s easy to fix.

At Dust Doctors, we understand many homeowners aren’t aware that dirty ducts can negatively affect HVAC performance and cause energy bills to skyrocket. Below, we explain how duct debris diminished HVAC efficiency and how routine duct cleaning can help eliminate the problem.

How Do Dirty Ducts Cause Higher Energy Bills?

Your HVAC system re-circulates the air inside your home approximately five to seven times per day. And as that air continually passes back and forth through the ductwork and your living areas, it carries with it a significant amount of particulate matter.

Though you may not be able to see them with your naked eye, those particles eventually end up inside your ducts, where they can accumulate along the inner walls over time. If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned (or it’s been years since your last cleaning), there’s likely a substantial amount of buildup inside your ductwork.

How does that debris affect your energy bills?

Dirt, dust, and other debris not only restrict airflow through your ducts, but they also clog up the furnace and air conditioner, reducing their efficiency over time. An inefficient air conditioner or furnace must work harder than necessary to maintain a constant indoor temperature, and that extra work requires more energy. Ultimately, you see that additional energy expenditure in the form of more expensive utility bills.

How Routine Air Duct Cleaning Can Help Lower Your Utility Bills

You know debris-filled ductwork can diminish HVAC efficiency — clean ductwork, on the other hand, can improve HVAC efficiency. That’s why having your household ducts cleaned at two-year intervals is so important. When you maintain a regular air duct cleaning schedule, your ducts remain free of damaging particles that can bog down your system.

When air can flow freely through the ductwork, your heating and cooling appliances build up less dust and debris too. With less debris buildup, your HVAC system not only functions according to its design, but you also enjoy more reasonable energy bills. In addition to routine duct cleaning, other things you can do to lower your energy bills include:

●        Regularly changing your HVAC filters

●        Sealing cracks around doors and windows

●        Installing energy-efficient appliances, doors, and windows

●        Upgrading to a smart thermostat  

Not sure if your ducts need to be cleaned? Contact our Dust Doctors team today to schedule an inspection. We can let you know if dirty ductwork may be contributing to your high energy costs, and offer additional suggestions for improving your HVAC efficiency.

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