Have your heating and cooling bills gotten out of control despite diligent efforts to keep them reasonable? A dirty HVAC system may be to blame. When your ductwork, air conditioner, and furnace accumulate dust and debris, it can prevent them from functioning optimally, and unfortunately, your bank account suffers the consequences.

Luckily, it’s possible to reduce your heating and cooling bills by taking six simple measures to improve HVAC efficiency. Read on to find out how!

1. Schedule Professional Duct Cleaning

Everyone knows they should change their HVAC filters on a regular schedule. But many people aren’t aware that their ductwork needs the same attention!

Ducts that are caked in dust, grime, and debris cannot circulate air efficiently. Worse, since your ducts continually recirculate the air inside your home, they’re constantly pushing particulate matter into your air conditioner and furnace while they operate.

Eventually, those particles can clog up the operational components of the heater and air conditioner, causing them to work less efficiently. If you haven’t had comprehensive duct cleaning in the past couple of years, scheduling a deep cleaning (rotary brush cleaning) appointment is the first step you should take to improve your HVAC efficiency.

2. Set Up Routine A/C Cleaning Service

If you’re not currently cleaning your air conditioner annually or getting it serviced by an A/C cleaning specialist, now is the time to start.

Since your A/C unit operates all day long, it can accumulate plenty of particulate matter around and on the evaporator coil, in the drip pan, in the evaporator drain line, on and around the condenser, and on the fins.

All that debris can interfere with the unit’s ability to cool your home efficiently, but an annual A/C cleaning service can help keep debris accumulation at bay. To help keep your system in optimal condition, it’s in your best interest to set up an HVAC maintenance and service plan to ensure you let cleaning appointments slip your mind.

3. Stay on Top of HVAC Filter Changes

Your system depends on having proper airflow to help it function optimally. The filter's primary purpose is to keep debris and dust out of the unit and remove the risk of particulates building up in the system, making it work harder than it needs to.

The system requires a constant flow of air, and if they're clogged, this will be compromised and can lead to an overheated compressor, the coils freezing up, and a reduction in energy efficiency.

4. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Thermostats are changing and designed to help create the highest efficiency possible. This is because they remove the risk of human error and can self-adjust and learn your heating preferences, schedules, and habits to help optimize how frequently the unit is turning on and reduce the risk of overconsumption that can happen with the traditional thermostat.

Programmable and smart thermostats offer higher levels of convenience, and because they have energy monitoring, you have more control over ensuring your efficiency is as high as possible.

5. Seal Up any Air Leaks

Another way to help ensure your HVAC system runs as efficiently as possible is to ensure you have any leaks in your home sealed up. Air leaks can cause a significant amount of excess energy loss from a house, so keep them sealed up with weather stripping, spray foam, or caulk for maximum efficiency.


6. Hire a Furnace Cleaning Specialist

Before cooler weather sets in, it’s in your best interest to schedule comprehensive furnace cleaning service to ensure your heating system operates efficiently throughout winter. Regular furnace cleaning appointments help boost HVAC efficiency in several ways, including:

●        Reducing stress on the unit’s heat exchanger

●        Eliminating dust, dirt, and debris that can enter air ducts and impede household airflow

●        Reducing the amount of energy needed to force air through the system

●        Minimizing undue stress on the blower motor

●        Reducing the risk of premature unit breakdown or unexpected repairs

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