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What Lives In Your Air Ducts?

As many are aware of the visible obstructions lining your air ducts, there are still plenty of critters that occupy a home that would make a person's skin crawl at night. Thankfully, Dust Doctor is the likely solution for eradicating the many evils living in your home’s air exchange system. With this being said, here's a look at what kind of pests a Dust Doctor can help eliminate.

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Allergies? Try Dust Doctors

Allergy season can be year round due to the dust, pollen, and other particles that lay hidden in the ducts of your home. However, Dust Doctor could easily be the solution for eradicating tiny particles living where you don’t usually look... which cause a lot of problems for anyone suffering with allergies. With this being said, here's a look how Dust Doctor can help eliminate allergens in the home.

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Avoiding Duct Cleaning Scams

Cleaning the ducts is a given but like GhostBusters who do you call? At some point duct work needs to be checked since usage often loosens joints and dust accumulates. In some humid climates or confined spaces such as cruise ships or super-efficient air tight spaces cases of Legionnaire’s disease has developed. Commercial enterprises that regularly has large groups creates additional reasons for cleaning since indoor air pollution increases as occupancy rises.

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