As many are aware of the visible obstructions lining your air ducts, there are still plenty of critters that occupy a home that would make a person's skin crawl at night. Thankfully, Dust Doctor is the likely solution for eradicating the many evils living in your home’s air exchange system. With this being said, here's a look at what kind of pests a Dust Doctor can help eliminate.

House Dust Mite

House dust mites are microscopic, so it's safe to say they occupy many air ducts. These pesky insects live off of dead skin cells and there's no shortage of food in a household. With the average human shedding ten grams of dead cells... it's safe to say that house dust mites are rarely hungry.


Fleas are a pet owner's worst nightmare, but they can easily make their way to a home on an individual's clothing or shoes. Fleas enjoy such things as:

  • Dead skin

  • Digested blood from adult fleas.

  • Hair

  • Organic debris

All of this can be in your air ducts. If this information isn't unsettling enough, adult fleas can survive for a year without feeding.

What About Bed Bugs?

A bed bug problem can lead to serious problems in your home. Although they can't fly, they're known for hanging out in beds or along the edge of carpeting, and their bites give them away. However, it is highly unlikely that you have bed bugs living in your air ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning & Where To Begin

So now that one knows where their problems could be coming from, it's important to take action and prevent a pest attack from happening in the first place. Here's a brief checklist to keep a your ducts clean and the nasty pests away.

  • Clean Regularly - Cleaning regularly is important to avoid pests. This is especially true if a household has a pet, which means that cleaning should be a daily habit.

  • Keep Dirt Intrusion To A Minimal - Keeping dirt and other traces of the outside environment outside  is important to keep pests away. Taking shoes off at the front door is an excellent way to keep dirt - and pests - to a minimal.

-   Deep Clean - As a commercial vacuum can only remove so much, and your arms are only so long. Scheduling a professional cleaner will help remove the pests that remain deep within your HVAC system. As some of these pests cannot be seen with the naked eye, a professional air duct cleaner will assure you that they'll be long gone after the job is done.


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