Allergy season can be year round due to the dust, pollen, and other particles that lay hidden in the ducts of your home. However, Dust Doctor could easily be the solution for eradicating tiny particles living where you don’t usually look... which cause a lot of problems for anyone suffering with allergies. With this being said, here's a look how Dust Doctor can help eliminate allergens in the home.

Why Look at My Ducts?

Out of sight, out of mind is not a good policy when it comes to your home’s air ducts. Your heating and cooling systems use these ducts to pump climate-controlled air throughout your home. Over time, dust, pollen, grime, and even critters can get lodged in these ducts. Whatever is in them then gets distributed throughout the home.

A great way to visualize this conundrum is to think of your air ducts as something like your vehicle. Over time, if you don’t clean out your car regularly, you’ll have a buildup of dirt and grime everywhere. This would make riding in your care an unpleasant experience. The same holds true for your air ducts. Because we don’t clean our ducts as often as our vehicles, our homes are  more likely to collect a long list of dust, pet dander, and allegens in its timeline.

Duct Cleaning & Where To Begin

So now that one knows where their problems could be coming from, it's important to take action and prevent allergy attacks from happening. Here's a brief checklist to keep a carpet clean... and breathing easy in a household.

  • Clean Regularly - Cleaning regularly is important if the occupant has allergies. This is especially true if a household has a pet, which means that cleaning should be a daily habit.

  • Keep Dirt Intrusion To A Minimum - Keeping dirt and other traces of the outside environment off a carpet is important to keep allergies away. At Dust Doctors, we’ll make sure that all of your air intake sites are clean - from the outside in.

  • Deep Clean - As a commercial vacuum can only remove so much; scheduling a professional duct cleaner will help remove the particles that remain deep within a home. As these particles cannot be seen with the naked eye, a professional cleaner will assure you that they'll be long gone after the job is done.

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