Cleaning the ducts is a given but like GhostBusters who do you call? At some point duct work needs to be checked since usage often loosens joints and dust accumulates. In some humid climates or confined spaces such as cruise ships or super-efficient air tight spaces cases of Legionnaire’s disease has developed. Commercial enterprises that regularly has large groups creates additional reasons for cleaning since indoor air pollution increases as occupancy rises.


When a Duct Cleaning Service is Needed

Professional duct cleaning offers professional level equipment such as vacuums, blowers, and brushes. Cleaning the ducts improves the quality of the indoor air received. If a building has been recently remodeled unusual amounts of dust gather in the ducts that may or may not have a toxin.  If animals infested the duct work with nests or living activities then after removal have the duct work cleaned. Certain climates mold and mildew develop easily. So if any mold develops inside the duct work then hiring a professional cleaner becomes a must. Pay attention to environmental contaminants. If your AC unit depends on outside air then ducts need a checkup. Frequent unexplained respiratory illnesses in a family or office environment may be due to duct work contamination so consider having the duct work cleaned.


How to Pick a Company

Duct work cleaning is dependent on a variety of factors. It becomes important to choose carefully a professional company since scams exist. First and foremost a reputable company will let you know duct work cleaning is dependent on outside factors and a schedule is customized for that building’s needs. Some buildings need several times of year and other buildings it may be every 3 to 5 years. The company should not use scare tactics but simply offer information. Since duct work attaches to an AC unit the company should offer full services that include the AC. A good company will offer a free inspection with an estimate. Look for certifications from the National Air Duct Cleaner Association and the duct work should be done by camera so results are verifiable.

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