It is recommended that you have your dryer vent cleaned at least one time a year. If you have a larger family, or do more laundry than the average household, you may need your vents cleaned more frequently. Unfortunately, most households do not have their dryer vents cleaned nearly as often as they should. One of the reasons why may be because they do not understand the importance of doing so. Here are a few of the reasons why cleaning your dryer vent regularly is important.


Helps Prevent Fires

It is estimated that there are around 15,000 fires caused by dryers. Around 80 percent of those are caused by dirty or clogged dryer vents. If your dryer vent is dirty or clogged, it could put your home at risk. While you can't prevent all fires in your home, you can prevent fires that are caused by dirty or clogged dryer vents simply by having yours routinely cleaned.


Decreases Your Clothes Drying Time

Another benefit of cleaning out your dryer vents is that it helps to decrease the amount of time it takes for your clothes to dry. When the vent is filled with lint or other debris, air cannot get into your dryer. This increases the length of time it takes to dry your clothes. Taking less time increases the energy efficiency of your dryer, is better for your clothes, and allows you to spend less time waiting for clothes to dry.


Increases the Lifespan of Your Dryer

The last benefit of regularly cleaning your dryer vent is that it can increase the lifespan of your dryer. When there is lint stuck and trapped inside of the dryer vent, the dryer has to work harder and longer to dry all of your clothes. When this happens, it wears on your dryer. This can cause parts to fail prematurely and shortens the overall lifespan of your dryer. If you want to help ensure that your dryer lasts as long as it is designed to, regularly cleaning the dryer vents helps that to happen.


There are many benefits to cleaning your ducts and dryer vents. You can remove excessive dust when doing home renovations, minimize allergies and asthma symptoms, get rid of the smell associated with pets and smoking from past and residents, increase energy efficiency and help to prevent dryer fires. If you are looking to have dryer vent or air vent cleaning in the greater Twin Cities, Minnesota area, Dust Doctors can help. Call us today to schedule your appointment. 

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