Did you know that dryers are one of the leading causes of home fires? In fact, dryers are responsible for tens of thousands of house fires each year in the United States. The filter in your dryer does not always manage to catch all of the lint created when you do laundry. Dryer lint in your dryer vent can catch fire and quickly ignite a serious blaze in your home. At Dust Doctors in Minnesota, we can help you protect your home from a dryer vent fire by cleaning your dryer vent before it becomes a problem.


A Hidden Safety Risk

Dryer lint is a highly combustible material created as a natural byproduct of the clothes drying process. Your clothing dryer works by running hot air over clothing while causing them to tumble. In fact, a load of clothing can contain as much as one and a half gallons of water in its fibers. Lint created by this drying process can cause a blockage in your dryer vent that not only poses a safety hazard but can also damage your dryer.


A blockage in your dryer can also result in:

●        Injuries,

●        Property damage,

●        Fatalities.


Protecting Your Home from Dryer Lint

The first step to protecting your home from a dryer lint fire is making sure your lint filter is clean. In fact, you need to clean your dryer’s lint filter at some point in every dryer cycle. Even so, cleaning your lint filter alone is not enough to protect your home against fire. Over time, small lint particles can slip through, building up in your vent system. The longer your dryer vent path is, the more likely lint is to build up in the system. Some dryer vents can also be safer than others, with metal vents safer than their aluminum and foil counterparts.


Dryer Lint Cleaning Service

Our team of vent cleaning professionals at Dust Doctors cleans out hundreds of dryer vents each year. Cleaning your dryer vents can also help your dryer to run more efficiently. Regardless of whether your home uses a hard pipe or a flexible one, we completely clean the line of any built-up lint. Once we’ve cleaned out your dryer vent, your dryer should dry your clothing much faster. Most importantly, your home will be far less likely to experience a dryer-originated fire.


Minnesota Dryer Vent Cleaning Professionals

At Dust Doctors, our dryer vent cleaning service professionals can help make your home safe again. We remove the lint and completely clean your dryer’s vent of any other obstacles, such as animal nests or debris. If you’re concerned about your dryer vent’s safety, our professional dryer vent cleaning experts can help. To have your dryer vent cleaned, give us a call at 651-319-9777, or contact us online.

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