Duct cleaning is an important practice for any household. It improves air flow throughout the building, reducing energy consumption and improves the quality of air in the house. While every household needs to have duct cleaning performed, there are certain households much more susceptible to airborne issues. Due to this, these are the homes in most urgent need for duct cleaning. 

Airborne Allergies

Airborne allergies come in many forms. Some people are allergic to dust mites, while others are allergic to dander from pets. Cut grass or smoke may all cause allergic reactions as well. As the home's HVAC unit runs, it picks up all of these and other health concerns for people with allergies. While a quality filter is the first line of defense against airborne allergies, a dirty vent will overtake any air filter and start to push allergens into the air. Due to this, households with at least one person who suffers from allergies are prime candidates for annual, if not semi-annual cleanings

Households With Pets

Even if a pet supposedly doesn't shed, they shed. Hairless animals shed skin flakes as well, so there really is no avoiding dander and hair problems from pets. Pet hair especially can cause problems within the duct work of a house. Hair tends to collect on itself, forming tumbleweeds of hair as it wasps through the air. More often than not, hair makes its way to the air intake valve and vents throughout the house. For older homes where the air intake is built into the ground, this amplifies the situation. Regardless of the kind of pet or where the vents are located, households with pets need to undertake a duct cleaning, often more than once a year. 


Whether you live in a house with a smoker, you smoke or past residents in the house smoke, this is an invisible element that corrodes the interior of ventilation systems. It can create a thin layer of smoke that begins to collect. Eventually, it starts to make the entire house smell like smoke while pushing remnants of the smoke, tar and other byproducts into the air. If there is or ever has been a smoker inside of the house, the home is in desperate need of a duct cleaning. 

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