Thinking about scheduling professional duct cleaning before you’re stuck indoors for the winter months? Excellent idea. Duct cleaning is a highly effective way to improve your indoor air quality and boost the efficiency of your heating system. But beware: Not all duct cleaning companies use high-quality cleaning techniques that fully eliminate dust and debris from your ductwork.

If you want to ensure your air ducts are cleaned properly, you should know what a standardized professional cleaning procedure looks like. Below, we’ve outlined what every homeowner should expect from a typical duct cleaning appointment.

Protect Household From Damage

Any high-quality duct cleaning company should apply some form of protection in the areas they’ll be working. That means installing corner guards where vacuum hoses will be placed and using other protective materials in any areas that may be susceptible to damage during the cleaning procedure.

Duct Inspection

Next, the technicians should perform a visual inspection of the vents, registers, and ductwork to assess the amount of buildup inside the ducts and check for any forms of damage that should be repaired.

Many companies perform this inspection with a camera probe, which allows the technicians to determine the appropriate cleaning technique to use. You can also use this inspection to gauge the difference between your ducts before and after the cleaning.

Clean Vents and Registers

Vents and registers are part of your duct system, so you should expect any high-quality cleaning company to thoroughly clean these components in addition to cleaning the ducts. You should also expect the technicians to clean the other components of your HVAC system, including:

●        The air handler’s blower motor and housing

●        Evaporator coil

●        Drain and drain pan(s)

●        Heat exchanger

Create Negative Air Pressure in the Duct System

To ensure no dust or other debris enters your home during the duct cleaning itself, the technicians should seal off your return vents and registers. Next, they should attach a high-powered vacuum hose to a duct that’s near the air handler of your system and seal off any open areas around the hose. The hose should connect to a truck-mounted vacuum, which will create the negative pressure necessary to pull accumulated dust and debris out of your air ducts.

Agitate Debris Inside the Ducts

Once the vacuum is on, the technicians should use a collection of pneumatic brushes, high-powered blowers, and other industrial-grade tools to agitate and dislodge the debris inside the ducts. A quality duct cleaning technician will clean one register at a time to prevent debris from traveling back into your living areas, and more importantly, they’ll spend a considerable amount of time on each register.

You can pretty easily recognize a blow-and-go duct cleaning company by the amount of time they need to clean the duct system. Improperly trained technicians or those that don’t provide high-quality service will move from duct to duct very rapidly. Without adequate time spent on each register, you’ll inevitably find a considerable amount of debris inside your ductwork even after the “cleaning” is finished.  

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