At Dust Doctors, clients often ask us if there’s a specific time of year that’s “best” for scheduling duct cleaning service. And while that’s a valid question, especially for people who spend a lot of time indoors, there’s really no definitive answer. In reality, the best time to clean your ducts is whenever they get dirty enough to require cleaning, and that depends on a variety of factors that are unique to each home and family.

With that in mind, we’d also like to acknowledge that spring and autumn tend to be the most popular times of year for duct cleaning, and we’ll explain why below.

Why Schedule Duct Cleaning in Spring?

As any Minnesotan knows, as soon as outdoor temperatures hit a balmy 50 or 60, we’re donning shorts and t-shirts and heating outside. Since most people start spending more time outdoors when spring rolls around, many people prefer to schedule air duct cleaning during the spring months since they can easily vacate the premises while we do the dirty work. 

Why else might you want to schedule air duct cleaning service in spring? Because a comprehensive spring cleaning session will:

●        Help you combat indoor allergies. Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? As soon as you start spending more time outdoors, you inevitably track more allergens into your home. Since spring is primetime pollen season, you can easily bring pollen into your home where it will eventually enter the HVAC system. Duct cleaning serves to eliminate all the debris within your ducts, so it can help minimize the indoor allergies you experience.

●        Eliminate winter dust accumulation. When you spend a considerable amount of time indoors during winter, you encourage more dust accumulation within your home and air ducts. Spring duct cleaning service will eliminate that accumulated dust and help improve your air conditioner’s efficiency during summer.

●        Help boost your indoor air quality. If you have pets, you know they shed during the transition from spring to summer and stay indoors most of the winter. This can prompt plenty of hair and dander accumulation within your ducts, and comprehensive duct cleaning in spring will effectively remove it.

Why Schedule Duct Cleaning During Autumn?

If you don’t get around to scheduling air duct cleaning in spring, autumn is also a great time to schedule the service since you’ll inevitably spend more time indoors throughout winter. If your home has dirty ductwork, spending most of your day indoors can prompt respiratory symptoms because your HVAC system constantly recirculates allergens within your ducts. We recommend an autumn duct cleaning appointment to help:

●        Remove allergens from your HVAC system. Before you start spending the majority of your day inside, it’s a good idea to have your ducts thoroughly cleaned to help mitigate indoor allergy symptoms.

●        Improve furnace efficiency. We all know our heating bills can get pricey during our frigid winters, and duct cleaning helps your furnace work more efficiently, which will help keep your energy bills reasonable.

●        Keep your home comfortable throughout winter. No one loves dealing with an inadequate heating system during winter. Duct cleaning will clear your ducts of all accumulated debris, which will allow for adequate airflow and even heating throughout your home.

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