If you suffer from spring allergies, you’ve probably noticed your symptoms don’t abate when you stay indoors. That’s because, whether or not you realize it, dozens of allergens lurk inside your home and negatively affect your indoor air quality.

While you can certainly rely on allergy medications to control your symptoms, doing your best to eliminate indoor allergens can help prevent those symptoms from affecting you in the first place. One of the most effective things you can do to control allergen accumulation inside your home is keep your ductwork and the rest of your HVAC system clean.

How exactly does regular duct cleaning help control seasonal allergy symptoms? The experts at Dust Doctors have the details below.

Duct Cleaning Helps Reduce Dust Mite Population

Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that live in virtually every home in the world. In fact, just a single gram of dust can be home to up to 19,000 of these super tiny critters. Unfortunately, dust mites are one of the worst allergens out there.

While most people aren’t allergic to the mites themselves, their carcasses and feces can trigger mild to moderate respiratory symptoms in many people. And one of the greatest dust mite meccas inside your home is your ductwork, especially if you rarely (or never) have it professionally cleaned. Other places these creatures commonly lurk include:

●        Inside and on top of upholstered cloth furniture

●        On sheets, blankets, and comforters

●        Inside and on the surface of your pillow

●        In your carpet

When you schedule duct cleaning on a regular basis, rotary brush cleaning and air whip cleaning eliminate dust mites and all other particulate matter from within your ducts. And when you control the mite population inside your ductwork, you significantly reduce the population in the remainder of your home, too. 

Duct Cleaning Helps Control Indoor Pollen Accumulation

When spring rolls around, thousands of trees, weeds, grasses, and other plants release pollen into the air as they wake from their winter hibernation. Whether or not you realize it, when you go outdoors, your clothing picks up that pollen and other airborne particulate matter. Those particles then stick to your clothes, and when you return indoors, you bring them inside your home.

When pollen grains and other particulate matter enter the air inside your home, eventually, they get sucked into your ductwork as your HVAC system recirculates your indoor air. And since that system continually pushes the same air throughout your house, those particles eventually end up back inside your living spaces.

Deep duct cleaning effectively removes all debris from inside your ductwork, so your HVAC system can’t possibly push it back into the ambient air inside your home. As a result, you don’t breathe in nearly as much pollen, and your allergy symptoms improve while you’re inside your home.

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