Now that winter is in full swing in the Twin Cities, you’re no doubt spending a great deal of time indoors. As your furnace works 24/7 to pump warm air throughout your home, you might have noticed you’ve developed more congestion than usual. Are your respiratory issues the sign of an impending cold? Maybe. Or are they caused by something else? Dirty air ducts, perhaps?

If you haven’t had your ductwork cleaned in some time (or ever), a thorough duct cleaning might be the solution for your congestion troubles. But is winter the right time to clean your ducts? Should you wait until spring or summer for better results? Read on to find out.

When Is the Right Time for Duct Cleaning?

Is winter a good time to clean your ducts? Wouldn’t spring or summer be more fitting? After all, if you’re forced to stay indoors while your ducts are being cleaned, isn’t that a health hazard in its own right?

First and foremost, the best time to schedule duct cleaning is whenever you need it done. Ideally, you should have the service performed before winter, but if you missed the boat during the warmer months, don’t wait to schedule a cleaning. Your indoor air quality depends on routine duct cleaning, and when your indoor air quality is poor, your health inevitably suffers.

Why Schedule Duct Cleaning During Winter?

If you’re worried about staying in your home while your duct cleaning service is taking place, we completely understand. The mere idea of a cloud of floating dust chunks in your living room is enough to send your skin crawling, right? Fortunately, that’s not how the process works.

You can schedule duct cleaning during winter with full confidence simply because of the way the Dust Doctors process is designed. Here’s how we work when we clean your ducts:

●        When we arrive at your home, we install corner guards in areas where we plan to pull vacuum hoses.

●        We then remove and hand-clean each of the vent registers in your home.

●        When the vents are clean, we attach our high-powered vacuums to our truck-mounted unit to create negative air pressure in your vent system.

●        We then use our proprietary collection of high-powered blowers and pneumatic brushes to begin scrubbing your ducts. We start from the farthest end of your duct system and work through the entire duct network until every inch of it is free of dust and debris.

●        As we clean, our blowers and vacuums force dust and debris through the hoses attached to your vents. Our truck-mounted unit collects and contains that debris, ensuring none of it ends up in your living areas.

●        When your ductwork is completely clean, we make sure your registers, fans, coils, motors, and housings are clean too.

●        As a final step, we collect our houses and tools and load them back on the truck along with all the debris we just removed from your duct system.

When we leave your home, you’re left debris-free ducts, and more importantly, dramatically improved indoor air quality. You’d be astonished at how much dust and other gunk even the cleanest-looking home can accumulate inside its ductwork!

Want more information on how our duct cleaning process works? You can read all about it here.

Schedule Winter Duct Cleaning With Dust Doctors

If you’re struggling with unexplained congestion or respiratory symptoms as you spend more time indoors, dirty ductwork may be to blame. If you’re ready to discover how cleaner ducts can help improve your indoor air quality and keep your home healthier, get in touch with our team at Dust Doctors today. Give us a call at 651-319-9777, contact us, or request a free quote to learn more or schedule a duct cleaning appointment.

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