Having your furnace cleaned and inspected annually can go a long way toward preventing the need for a total furnace replacement. Even better, regular furnace cleaning can work wonders for maintaining healthy indoor air quality. In the Twin Cities, where we spend the majority of our winter inside, having high-quality indoor air is critical in the fight against seasonal illnesses and other bothersome symptoms.  

Curious why routine furnace cleaning is so critical for your HVAC performance and indoor air quality? The experts at Dust Doctors explain below.

Routine Furnace Cleaning Prevents Unexpected Breakdowns

Having your furnace inspected and cleaned annually is the best way to identify minor problems before they grow into major issues, which will help prolong the life of your furnace. When you’re unaware of a potential issue inside your furnace, it can quickly grow worse. This can lead to unexpected machinery malfunction, which can cause the entire apparatus to break down. And in the Twin Cities, a non-functional furnace in the dead of winter is the last thing any homeowner needs.

A Clean Furnace Can Help Lower Your Energy Bills

You might not assume the cleanliness of your furnace has anything to do with your energy costs, but you’d be wrong. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, a poorly maintained furnace can cost you up to 11% more in annual heating expenses.

Scheduling an annual furnace cleaning and system inspection is a quick and simple way to keep your heating costs reasonable. And, if your energy bills are really out of control, opting for professional duct cleaning can help too.

Annual Furnace Cleaning Keeps Your Ducts Clean

A filthy furnace is one of the greatest contributors to dust and debris accumulation inside household ductwork, and dirty ducts are the primary culprit behind poor indoor air quality. If you spend considerable time indoors, the cleanliness of your ducts should concern you since the air you breathe continually circulates through them.

When your ducts are filthy, the air flowing through your HVAC system can contain a substantial amount of particulate matter — even if you can’t see it. Forced air pushes those particles through your HVAC filters and into your vents, where they travel into the air you breathe.

If you deal with allergy-like symptoms throughout winter and you’re not quite sure why, scheduling routine furnace cleaning will likely help. In addition to having your furnace cleaned, you should also schedule duct cleaning at two-year intervals for best results.

Dust Doctors: Comprehensive Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance in the Twin Cities

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