If you’ve thought about having your ductwork cleaned to help improve your home’s indoor air quality, chances are you’ve done some research about the service. And while you were reading, you may have come across information that painted duct cleaning as a non-essential home service. But is that really true?

At Dust Doctors, our entire business centers around helping Twin Cities residents breathe cleaner indoor air. While we certainly know the importance of routine air duct cleaning, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else does. If you’re curious whether you actually need duct cleaning for healthier indoor air, read on to learn more about the service so you decide for yourself.

What Does Duct Cleaning Accomplish?

In a nutshell, duct cleaning ensures the air ducts throughout your home are free of dust, debris, and a variety of other potentially hazardous substances, including:

●        Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

●        Dust mites, their droppings, and carcasses

●        Pollen and dander

●        Mold and mildew

●        Insects, their carcasses, and droppings

Professional duct cleaning also ensures your vents, registers, coils, fans, motors, and housing are completely clean. The service is designed to not only remove dust and debris from your entire duct system but also to completely contain that debris and prevent it from entering your living areas.

Curious how the process works? Feel free to read all about Dust Doctor’s duct cleaning methods here.

Why Do Homes Need Regular Duct Cleaning?

In the average home, there are a wide variety of potentially harmful substances lurking inside the ductwork. But since those things are out of sight, not many people realize they’re even there. More importantly, not many people peg those substances as potential culprits behind their mysterious allergy symptoms, respiratory problems, congestion, and other health issues.

While duct cleaning isn’t a panacea for all respiratory or allergy woes, it can help tremendously in keeping indoor air quality healthy. When ductwork is clean, an HVAC system pushes out clean air into the home rather than air laden with potentially harmful micro-particles.

Yes, HVAC filters do prevent some of those particles from entering the air inside living spaces, but they’re seriously limited in their filtering capacity. Unless you have HEPA filtration in your HVAC system, many of the smallest particles inside your ductwork pass directly through your filters and into the air you breathe. And since your HVAC system continually recirculates your indoor air, that means you’re essentially stewing in unclean air all day long.

That’s why regular duct cleaning is so important. It eliminates those particles from your HVAC system, so you and your family aren’t continually breathing them in.

For more information on the importance of routine duct cleaning, check out our page, Why Clean Your Ducts?

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