Dealing with worse-than-normal seasonal spring allergy symptoms? If so, your household ductwork may be to blame — but professional duct cleaning can help you change that. Regular cleanings help eliminate a variety of toxins and contaminants from within your home by purifying the environment within your air ducts. Since clean ductwork can’t force dirty, particle-laden air into your living spaces, many common allergy symptoms become far less pronounced. Curious about what exactly duct cleaning does for your home? The experts at Dust Doctors dish the details below.

Eradicate Mold & Mildew

Mold is a common allergy trigger, and unfortunately, it’s also a common household inhabitant. Over time, water vapor can accumulate within your home’s air ducts as cold air continually passes through your HVAC system. Since mold and mildew crop up wherever warmth and moisture are present, your ducts are the perfect breeding ground for these nasty, allergy-inducing contaminants.

If you’re suffering unexplained sniffles, persistent coughs, skin irritation, or even brain fog, mold accumulation within your home may be to blame. Fortunately, professional air whip cleaning and rotary brush cleaning removes all manner of mold and mildew buildup from within your ductwork, resulting in cleaner indoor air that’s far less hazardous to your health.

Reduce Dust Mite Proliferation

Did you know that a single gram of dust can house up to 19,000 dust mites?! Or that according to some experts, the average household produces up to 40 pounds of dust each year?! Since dust mites subsist on a diet of human skin, they gravitate toward the living spaces you occupy most frequently. A few of those locations include:

●        On the surface of your pillow and inside it

●        In your bedsheets

●        Within your couch, throw pillows, and blankets

●        In your carpet

Unfortunately, because you shed skin on a constant basis, your favorite household locations are likely also dust mite hotspots. And, worse, those dust mites are what typically trigger irritating respiratory issues and other allergy symptoms. Because your home’s ductwork also contains significant quantities of dust, those little pests love to hang out there, too.

If you’ve never had professional duct cleaning, or if it’s been years since your last appointment, rotary brush cleaning can help eliminate dust buildup and leave your home with cleaner, more breathable air.  

Cut Down on Ambient Toxins

In 2015, researchers from George Washington University, Harvard, UCSF, NRDC, and Silent Spring Institute embarked on a comprehensive study to analyze the number of toxic chemicals present in the average residential environment. What did they find? That on average, household dust contains 45 toxic chemicals, and of those chemicals, 10 of them are present in over 90% of homes throughout the United States. 

Even if you keep your home clean as a whistle, chances are you’re among that 90%, so if you’re looking to cut down on your allergy symptoms, professional duct cleaning is a great way to do it. At Dust Doctors, our proprietary duct cleaning tools and techniques virtually eliminate dust buildup from within your air ducts.

When you stick to our recommended two-year cleaning interval, our process dramatically reduces the quantity of toxic chemicals that your HVAC system pumps out into your home’s ambient air.

Got the Sniffles? Let Dust Doctors Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

At Dust Doctors, we help Twin Cities homeowners improve their indoor air quality because no one should struggle to breathe freely at home. Whether you’ve got the mysterious sneezes, a relentlessly runny nose, or unexplained respiratory issues, our advanced air purification systems and professional duct cleaning can help you find relief (keep those allergy meds on reserve, though). To learn more about our services or to schedule your appointment, give our team a call at 651-319-9777 or send us a quick message on our contact page. If you know you’re ready to get started, feel free to request your free quote online!

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