Do you smoke cigarettes indoors? Have you had your ducts cleaned recently—or ever? At Dust Doctors, we stress the importance of healthy indoor air quality because we know most homeowners spend substantial time indoors, especially during the long Minnesota winters. To better protect your health, it’s a smart idea to save the cigarettes for outdoors, but if you must smoke inside, professional duct cleaning can help reduce the toxins and chemicals present within your home. Why is professional duct cleaning necessary to help improve smokers’ indoor air quality? Let’s take a look.

Your Indoor Air is Naturally More Contaminated

If you regularly smoke indoors, your indoor air quality is poor—there’s no arguing that fact. So, even when you’re not actively smoking, you’re still inhaling toxins and chemicals on a constant basis, as long as you’re inside your home.

Professional duct cleaning is an intensive approach to removing chemical and toxin buildup within your ductwork, so you can enjoy fresher, cleaner indoor air. However, for indoor smokers, duct cleaning alone is often insufficient to adequately detoxify indoor air. Installing an air purification system within your home can further improve your indoor air quality, as the system will remove 99.97% of even the tiniest airborne particles and chemicals.

Secondhand Smoke is a Health Hazard for Non-Smokers

Certainly, it’s completely up to you whether you’d like to subject yourself to the dangers of cigarette smoke. Guests who visit your home, however, needn’t be exposed to those dangerous chemicals, too. Astonishingly, cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 unique chemicals, all of which can leave behind a sticky, toxin-filled residue—ever wondered why smoke turns things yellow?

Because your HVAC system pulls air from within your home into your ductwork, it also pulls those toxins into your ducts, where they accumulate over time. If you’re having guests, or you live with individuals who do not smoke, each time your HVAC systems turns on, it propels those dangerous chemicals into your home’s ambient air. So, even if you refrain from smoking with non-smokers present, those individuals will still inhale dangerous toxins and chemicals as a result of breathing the air within your home.

Professional duct cleaning can help remove harmful residue from within your ducts, and when combined with an air purification system, it can help reduce the chemical presence within your home. 

Cigarette Odors Permeate Everything

If you’re prone to entertaining, and several of your guests are non-smokers, they’ll inevitably prefer a more neutral indoor scent. As you’re likely aware, the nature of cigarette smoke causes its odor to permeate most porous surfaces within your home, and unfortunately, that odor can linger for months or even years.

Because cigarette smoke contains tar, along with a plethora of chemicals, it leaves behind residue that can adhere to and accumulate within your ducts. Each time your HVAC system kicks on, it then propels cigarette-odor-tainted air into your living spaces. Professional duct cleaning helps eliminate those unwanted odors from your home by thoroughly clearing debris and chemical residue from within your ductwork.

When you combine duct cleaning with frequent HVAC filter changes, you can drastically reduce the scent of cigarette smoke in your home.

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