Are you contemplating a spring or summer home renovation? If so, you should also factor professional duct cleaning into your projected construction costs. At Dust Doctors, we know just how filthy ductwork can become after a lengthy renovation, and we also know that hazardous construction particles can significantly impact your health. To maintain healthy indoor air quality and protect you and your family’s well-being, eliminating hazardous construction dust from within your ducts is critical. Today, we’re discussing three solid reasons you should always request professional duct cleaning after every home renovation project.

Post-Renovation Dust Negatively Impacts Indoor Air Quality

When construction dust travels into your ductwork, each time your HVAC system turns on, the forced air can propel those tiny particles back into your home’s ambient air. Any renovation requires materials that are hazardous to human health, which may include:

●        Polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a strong, lightweight plastic that’s typically used in pipe construction, gutters, window frames, and molding. These plastic particles contain toxins that interfere with normal human hormone production.

●        Flame retardants. Many construction materials are pre-treated with flame retardant chemicals to slow the spread of fire should a residential blaze ensue. These chemicals can disrupt normal hormone production, cause developmental abnormalities, and even cause cancer.

●        Cadmium. This malleable metal is used to color glass, fortify plastic, and create corrosion-resistant building materials. Cadmium fumes contain microscopic particulate matter that can cause lung inflammation, pulmonary edema, and even death.

●        Silica. This naturally occurring substance might be natural, but it ranks highly on the carcinogenic building materials list. Because the body absorbs silica through inhalation, high levels of exposure to this dust can also cause lung infections.

Keep in mind that the above list is by no means exhaustive. There are dozens of carcinogenic and health-harming toxins present in any construction site, so if you’re concerned about you and your family’s health, removing these toxins from within your home is critical. What’s the best way to do that? Comprehensive duct cleaning from our team at Dust Doctors.

Renovation Debris Can Create a Fire Hazard

If you’re planning a significant renovation, such as building additional rooms or remodeling your kitchen, the required construction will inevitably generate substantial dust. In theory, your builder should seal off your HVAC vents to prevent dust from entering your ductwork during construction. Unfortunately, though, all builders are not created equal (nor do they have the same quality or operational standards). If your contractor fails to seal the vents properly, copious amounts of sawdust, drywall particles, and toxic chemicals may enter your ductwork, creating a significant fire hazard. Particulate matter has substantial surface area, which makes it highly flammable, so all it takes is one spark to set your newly renovated home ablaze. How can you protect yourself? Factor professional duct cleaning into your renovation costs while you’re still planning out your project.

Construction Materials Contain Dangerous Toxins

While your contractor should make every effort to prevent chemical residues from lingering within your home, often, airborne particles are so small, there’s very little a builder can do about them. Unless you have an air purification system installed in your home, you’ll inevitably have dangerous chemicals lingering in the air you and your family breathe. And, when your HVAC system kicks on, it will pull those chemicals into the ductwork, where they can remain over the long term.

Once the chemicals enter your duct system, each time your air conditioning or heating kicks on, the forced air can propel those toxins back into your indoor air. As you’re well aware, frequently inhaling chemicals is terrible for your health, which is why post-renovation professional duct cleaning is essential.

Our unique process eradicates chemical residue and debris buildup within your ducts using a combination of forced air pressure and specialized cleaning tools. When you work with Dust Doctors, you can rest assured your indoor air quality will improve dramatically.

Dust Doctors: Your Source for Professional Air Duct Cleaning

If you’re planning a home remodel this spring, don’t hesitate to schedule your post-renovation duct cleaning with Dust Doctors. We help maintain healthy indoor air quality by providing professional duct cleaning, A/C cleaning, and furnace cleaning for homeowners throughout the Twin Cities metro. Our highly qualified team has developed unique, time-tested procedures and tools that you won’t find anywhere else, so when your indoor air quality is of paramount concern, we’re the team you need to call. To learn more about our duct cleaning services or to schedule your appointment, give us a call at 651-319-9777. Or, you can message on our contact page with any questions or concerns.

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