How much lint accumulates in your dryer vent is determined by how much laundry your household does. Even if you infrequently use the dryer, over time, there will be a buildup in the vent. If you use your dryer frequently and clean out the lint trap, this will help delay the buildup, but eventually, the vent will need to be cleaned out to prevent troublesome issues. These are three important reasons to get yourdryer vent cleaned out frequently.

1.    Efficiency

The build up of lint in your dryer vent will lead to an inefficient dryer. The mechanics of the dryer allow it to remove moisture from your garments and vent that moisture to the outdoors. If the dryer vent is blocked with lint buildup, the air can’t get outside. Why that is a problem is it means your clothes need to stay in the dryer longer before they are fully dry. The vent is blocked slowly over time, so you aren’t going to see a drastic increase from one day to the next, but rather a slow increase in the amount of time it takes to dry clothes that you might not realize is happening. You’ll be sure to realize an issue when you see an increase in charges on your utility bill.

2.    Safety

Lint buildup in a dryer vent can lead to a fire, which is why this is the most important reason you should have your dryer vent cleaned out on a regular basis. In an effort to avoid a house fire, your dryer vent should be fully cleaned out. It only takes one small spark and built-up lint in the vent to destroy an entire house. To avoid this threat, frequent cleaning of the dryer vent is a must.

3.    Prevent Pests

In Minnesota, pests are often looking for a warm place to stay in the winter. The vent in a dryer is a warm spot that pests love. If pests, such as mice, are able to nest in your dryer vent, this can often lead to an infestation. In an effort to prevent a pest infestation, the dryer vent should be cleaned on a regular basis.


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