Once construction is finished on a new home or office, you may have the urge to move in as soon as possible. Instead of moving in right away, it is beneficial to wait, as there could be dangerous post-construction debris. To ensure your home or office is safe to move into, first hirea professionals to complete a post-construction clean up.

Hazardous Materials are Present on any Construction Site

Not all dust is treated the same. Some dust is made up of dangerous particles. This is often the case for construction sites. The only way to fully remove these dangerous particles is from in-depth cleaning.


Perhaps you built a new house or completed a renovation of an existing house, and either way the construction company will do its best to clean up its debris. Construction companies are not professional cleaners, so they aren’t as concerned with indoor air quality as they are removing their materials. It would be a rarity for a construction company to clean ducts or air filters.

Why Air Quality Matters

Poor indoorair quality leads to poor health, and there are multiple factors of the construction work that can negatively impact the air quality. This is more than dust and includes things like paint and adhesive emissions. There are chemicals in paints that are not safe to breathe. In fact, breathing in particular chemicals can lead to an increased risk of cancer or induce an asthma attack.


A post-construction clean up done by professionals other than your construction crew will ensure there aren’t harmful chemicals still in the air. This not only improves your physical health due to increased air quality, but it also will leave your home or office less flammable. It may surprise you to find out that dust in your home is one of the most flammable items inside your home.

Ensure the Air You Breathe is Clean

After your construction crew has cleaned up as much as they can, call in the professionals to test your air quality and remove any harmful debris from the air. Protect your own health and the health of your family or employees by waiting until you have an “all clear.”


Don’t rush into a new home or a new office space. Toensure the health of you, your family, or your employees,contact the Twin Cities metro’s very own Dust Doctors at 651-319-0777 and have the air quality tested before moving in.

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