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Your Furnace: How to Maximize Heating Efficiency

Winter is on its way, and that means it’s almost time to fire up your furnace. Are you ready? Or, more appropriately, is your furnace ready? Prior to the winter season, it's important to make sure your home is well prepared for the chillier temperatures, and that includes your furnace, too. Since you’ll no doubt use your heating system extensively over the next few months, the team at Dust Doctors has put together a few tips on how to maximize its efficiency. First up? Furnace cleaning. Let’s take a look.

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Is Your Newly Purchased Home's HVAC System Ready to Use?

Stop! Before you move into your new home, there's one last thing to check: the HVAC system. While you may have already made sure it's working, there may still be some basic maintenance you should complete.

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How Does Whole-Home Humidity Control Work?

The humidity levels in your home can mean the difference between a tolerable or uncomfortable environment. Dust Doctors in Minnesota explains how whole-home humidity control works to keep the humidity in your home at its most comfortable level year round.

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The Effects of Humidity on an HVAC Unit

Whether it is summer or winter, humidity can wreak havoc on your HVAC system. Your system already collects dust and particles from the air, now add humidity to that, and the effects aren’t good. You are looking at having your inefficient heating and air conditioning, mildew, and possible harmful mold. That is why it’s a good idea to have your HVAC system cleaned regularly. This will help keep you and your family breathing in all of these allergens, which will be especially nice if you and your family have allergies.

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How Replacing Old Furnaces Improves Air Quality and Comfort

Your furnace is the primary source of heat during the winter. It can bring comfort to your entire household and keep you safe when the temperatures plummet. On the same token, the furnace can also be a source of toxic air that can affect you and your family's health without you even knowing it. Certain factors can determine both the condition of the furnace and the type of toxins it's releasing into your home. If your furnace is old and worn down, we recommend that you call an HVAC specialist to inspect the system. It may be time for a new furnace.

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The Effects of Dirty Return Vents on Furnace Energy

Clogged air vents and filter are the leading cause of furnace problems. Dust and debris in the vents, ducts, and filters inhibit airflow throughout the home. The furnace has to work harder to deliver the same results as if the vents were clean. Dust Doctors can clean the vents and air ducts in your home to keep the furnace from wearing out prematurely. We offer professional cleaning for all residential properties in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area.

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Heating Hazards: Protecting Your Home from Winter Fires With Duct Cleaning

Air ducts can be incredibly dangerous. Not only is the dust collected highly flammable, but air ducts themselves provide a place where a fire can smolder and spread. During the chilly winter months, many homeowners will be taxing their HVAC systems to the limit. A dust-covered heating system could quickly become a hazard.

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